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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Todd White - Representing Jesus as a Medical Professional and The Role of Religion in Spiritual Recovery

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The Role of Religion in Spiritual Recovery

By: M. Cuerdo

Many studies show that faith healing and modern medicine do not belong together. However, with the inclusion of spiritual recovery in many rehabilitation programs, the link between spirituality and healing becomes shorter and shorter.

Faith healing

Faith healing is the concept that prayers and rituals have the power to heal a person from disabilities or diseases. While healing through a divine intervention is commonly accepted in many religions, faith healing involves the use of special prayers and practices in order to get a special favor from a higher being. This type of healing is not yet accepted by mainstream medicine and even alternative medicine.

There is another form of healing through faith. This is in which a person uses prayers, meditation and other ritual in order to help him or her in spiritual recovery. This usually applies for people who are undergoing or have undergone rehabilitation.

Spiritual recover

Spiritual recovery is a complex concept to understand. This can be better understood by learning that there are four levels of recovery: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Physical recovery refers to getting rid of the substance or of the disease (and its effects) from the physical body. Mental recovery is the reorganization of one’s thoughts or ideas regarding a situation. Emotional recovery is takes place some time after the mental recovery since the person’s feelings and emotions are greatly affected by his or her thoughts.

Spiritual recovery involves the other three levels of recovery. This begins when the person cabetter control his emotions and response to situations. The person’s outlook in life and his or her approach to situations become more positive. Spiritual recovery continues throughout the person’s life and can never be completed.

Role of religion

The concept of spiritual recovery becomes easier to grasp once its relationship with religion is discussed. Many of the world’s religions are founded on the belief that there is a higher being or a higher self. This belief usually encourages a person to do what is good according to the teachings of one’s religion. Interestingly, the concept of what is good is similar in several religions.

Many religions also use prayer and meditation and these help a person become more goal-oriented and allow him or her to take time to respond to a situation.

This doesn’t mean that people who do not belong to any religion will have a difficult spiritual recovery. There are non-religious meditations that he or she can do. Besides, spirituality does not always have to be linked to religion. Being spiritual is being attuned to one’s spirit and taking steps to care for one’s body.

 M Cuerdo is a freelance writer on various topics. To learn more about her, visit maricelcuerdo.

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