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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Are You Ready To Transform? Anytime? Anywhere? Hitchfit is Just What You're Looking For!

Are You Ready To Lose Weight? Click Here to Get Started Today!
Are You Ready To Start Your Transformation? Click Here!

We work with clients globally, so no matter where you live, we can help you achieve your fitness goals! We work with clients of all different fitness levels, from those who are complete beginners and have never worked out in their lives, all the way to those who are advanced. We work with all ages, both male and female, and people with all different fitness goals. We have clients who have over 100 pounds to lose, and are here because they need to change their habits in order to save their lives, all the way to clients who are in good shape and looking to be in GREAT shape, or compete in a physique competition. We make programs for clients who are training at the gym, as well as clients who are going to be working out at home.
One important thing to know is that you are working directly with Micah and Diana. We do not have automated systems. Every single program is made for you directly by Diana or Micah. They are the ones personally reviewing the information that you send in, and personally sitting there developing the program that will help you get to your goals. This enables us to work with each unique client, cater their workouts and nutrition according to their needs. If you have a question and use the LIVE chat function on the site, you will be asking a question directly to Micah or Diana and will get a response from one of them. As often as possible, we keep the LIVE feature open on our computers in case you have a question while browsing the site!
The FIRST step once you are ready to get started with your transformation, is to choose the program that is right for you. All program options are HERE. You can also check out the Hitch Fit home page, if you scroll down you will see a listing for each program, and there is a link that you can click to hear a description, or read about it. If you still have further questions about what program is right for you. You can try the LIVE chat feature, and we will respond right away if we are available. Or you could also write to Diana or Micah here
Once you have chosen your program, you register for in the Store.
As soon as you have registered for the program of your choice. You will receive a questionnaire to your email. This questionnaire will gather information as far as your current stats such as height, weight, age, body fat (we now have a body fat calculator to help you out We also gather information as far as your current fitness level, where you plan to do your workouts (home or gym), if at home, what equipment you have available. We also find out if you have any injuries we need to work around, medical issues that we need to be aware of, dietary issues that we need to be aware of etc. We will ask for your current before pictures. Nobody likes doing before pictures, but they truly are a critical element! Since this is all done Online, the only way we get to “see” you, and also see the progress that you make over time, is via pictures. Taking pictures also is a great way for you to be 100% open about your starting point, if you want to change, then these pictures are information, they are your starting point, and also great motivation. Seeing where you are now, and being honest about that side of things, can be a great motivator to stay on track with making healthy choices for yourself on a consistent basis, as you strive to make that reflection of yourself be something different, healthier and that you feel really great about!
It’s important to know that every story that is on our site is a person who has gone through transformation and then given us permission to share their images and stories in order to pay it forward and inspire others to make positive change. We don’t force anyone or pay anyone to share their stories. The only time that we share client images is if they have completed transformation and have given permission to share their story. We never share anyone’s pictures without their consent. So if this is something you are worried about, your mind can rest at ease, because it’s simply not how we operate.
It’s best to complete your questionnaire and return it to us as quickly as possible. We put together programs in the order that we receive back questionnaires. It typically takes between 2-5 days to put your program together for you. If there is incomplete information or questions not answered, then we will reach out to find out more information from you as we put together your program. At the top of the questionnaire that you receive, will be the downloadable Hitch Fit Book.  The book is not your program, it is supplemental information about healthy living.
Your completed program will come via email from either Micah or Diana. It will include your nutrition program (we tell you what to eat, when to eat it and how much of it to eat and also give you a variety of options to mix and match your foods so you don’t get bored). We do not believe in fad diets or quick fix diets or cutting out food groups. We do not believe in starving clients. We believe in teaching you a balanced way of eating, teaching you how to read labels, measure portions, learn the staples of nutrition that will not only get your body to a place that is healthy and leaner, but if you embrace the teachings as a lifestyle and remain consistent with the habits that you learn on this program, you can sustain your losses for the rest of your life. Your program will also include your workouts, based on fitness level and where you will be training. It will include how much cardio to do through the course of your program. Cardio volumes will vary per person depending on what your starting body fat and goals are.
Once you have received your program, you can take your time reviewing things. Your start date is up to you. We just ask that you let us know when you are starting. We do not have a ticking clock once you purchase your program, and we don’t just stop communicating with clients once their 12 or 16 weeks (or longer for some of the programs such as PLUS or Get Big Get Ripped). Once you are a part of the Hitch Fit family, you are always a part of the family!
You have unlimited access to online support from Micah and Diana during your transformation time. We ask that online clients check in at least once weekly with their updates, but we are also available for questions at any time. So if something comes up, you have an issue you need guidance on, we are here to answer and help you through it. Our ultimate objective is for you to be successful, so we do our best to help clients through whatever obstacles pop up along the way!
This transformation process is something that can change your life. The visual results that happen in your body are of course great, but it’s the changes that we see happen on the inside that are the most impacting. We see health improved, we see confidence and energy levels increase, we see people really start believing in themselves which trickles over into every other aspect of their lives!!
We are blessed and so grateful to God for allowing us to do what we LOVE to do and that is to help make the world a more fit and healthy place one person at a time. If you are ready for your transformation, we would truly love to be a part of your journey!!


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Get Your Online Personal Trainer and start your custom online body transformation program from Hitch Fit online personal training today!

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