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Monday, April 13, 2020

Lifestyle Christianity Featuring: Todd White - Jesus Gives You Peace

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Kenneth Copeland Ministry of God

By: Kelvin Shawn

Faith healing has existed and has been practiced by several people in some countries around the world. Christian organizations and ministries like Kenneth Copeland Ministries have been active in conducting faith healing sessions. But what really faith healing is? The question resounds.

Originally, the idea of faith healing has started since the time when people begun to believe in their religion and followed a certain religious dogma and rituals to welcome the grace of healing through the might of God or divine power. Most believers have great deal of experiences when they undergo the healing process presided by their religious leaders who found out certain procedures to attain the rewarding result of faith healing. Non-believers do not have the capacity to comprehend the divine power and their impact. Innately, they are not able to rejoice the better rewards of religiosity as a human experience.

Faith healing is described and portrayed well in the religion of Christianity. Many spiritual leaders such as pastors and evangelists are popular for their ability to bless believers of faith healing to get rid of the blindness, the crippling diseases and people who are hurting. Faith healing starts when the healer lays his hand on the people who seek cure and who want to be healed. The amazing result is apparent when the blind can see and the cripple can walk.

It is believed that preachers could pray to ask divine intervention and could work with stunning process of healing by serving the needy, by comforting the afflicted and giving them a light of hope.
Preachers or spiritual believers could contribute to the procedure and could bring optimism to the suffering people. Some are believed to heal the patients from the stricken sickness of cancer and other incurable diseases. However, it should be kept in mind that faith healing as performed by Christian leaders like priests and Kenneth Copeland from his ministries demands total submission or subservience to the divine might of God. If a patient submits with all his faith, he will be able to receive the divine reward and be healed. For many people, faith is a state of achieving pure faith and submitting to God without any cloud of doubt.

Several circumstances of faith healing can be read in the Holy Scripture. To see it for yourself, you can read the New Testament and can attest that faith healing actually was practiced several centuries ago. As a matter of fact, Jesus Christ has proved its validity through doing countless healing to the ordinary people with his divine power. More importantly, his death because of crucifixion is a valiant act of healing-purifying our sins. And because of it, we are granted salvation.

In other words, faith healing is not just about coming up with miracles or supernatural results, but it is about achieving something because of faith larger than life. And this is the concept of Kenneth Copeland and other Christian leaders about faith healing. They believe that people should set their doubts aside, and have the courage to believe in God.

Because once everything is trusted to God, everything shall fall into its own place.

 Kelvin Shawn has been writing notable pieces of writing that tackles religion, beliefs, traditions and Ministries of Christianity like the Kenneth Copeland Ministries. His writing are often depiction of peculiar religious occurrences.

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