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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The Truth About Cancer Featuring: 3 Delicious & Easy Keto Snacks | The Truth About Cancer

Need some new keto snack ideas? The Truth About Cancer has you covered! We have 3 keto snacks to share with you all that consist of the most nutritious (and organic!) low-carb foods to help you find success in your ketogenic diet.

How to Benefit from Keto Meal Plan

By: Adrian Joele

Weekly meal plan guaranties fast weight loss.

The Keto diet meal plan was designed for people worldwide to increase their health and sculpt their bodies. The Keto diet meal plan is a brand new product that gives someone the opportunity to create his or her own personal keto diet meal plan based on their food preferences, daily level of activity, height, weight, and target weight goals. Keto diet is getting more and more popular among those who like to shed pounds.

Although the Keto diet is not a magic cure for every single disease on earth, it does a pretty good job at reducing the risk of chronic diseases, mental performance and blood pressure control.

The main characteristics of a Keto diet meal plan is it’s high fat content and low carbohydrate content. The ratio is: 75% fat, 20% protein, and only 5% carbohydrates.

Many studies have proved that people on a low carbohydrate, high fat diet, burn fat at a faster rate than those who are on a low fat, high carbohydrate diet. The primary reason is that a low-carbohydrate diet help to remove excess water from the body. When the body goes into ketosis, caused by this type of diet, you feel less hungry pangs, which can be very beneficial to control calorie intake, and to promote overall weight loss.

As the ketones produced from a low-carbohydrate diet are a much better and more efficient source of energy than glucose, they can help against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. The high fat content helps to maintain the balance of essential omega-3’s and omega-6’s , which are vital for optimal brain function. Also, ketosis is able to boost mitochondria production and adesiosine triphosphate within the memory cells of the brain.

Lower risk of Chronic Diseases A Keto diet meal plan can boost the body’s defense against a variety of conditions. It can help to reduce the risk of several chronic diseases by reducing inflammation, and improving mitochondrial function. As cancer cells have abnormal mitochondria, they rely on an increase of glycogen. Ketosis will feed the normal cells, while the cancer cells are starved to death, as they can’t survive on ketosis for energy.

Blood pressure High blood pressure increases the risk of several diseases, and is the leading cause of death world-wide. It has been proven that a low-carbohydrate diet is much more effective in controlling and reducing high-blood pressure rather than a low-fat diet. Together with the weight loss derived from the keto diet plan, it significantly improve cardiovascular health and function.

Many studies in the domain of nutrition science have proved that having your own keto diet meal plan can have a very positive contribution to your overall health and well-being.

The Keto Diet Plan has many health advantages and many people are getting satisfying results when they start with their own personalized keto diet plan.

By making use of scientific research, the expertise of certified nutritionists, personal trainers and chefs, the client receives an eight-week meal plan that gives maximum fat burning by the correct use of calories and macro-nutrients.

 Based on his or her food preferences, daily activity levels, height, weight, and target weight goals, the client will be able to put his own personal Keto diet plan together.

As the nutrition plan uses a variety of different foods, to ensure the client gets a wide range of nutrients, which increase the change of sticking to the diet.

Your diet will stay enjoyable and help you to stay on track with the plan, because the meals are based on personal food preferences with options how to customize every meal even more to suit your taste buds.

Meal preparation is made very simple and their is no need for cooking experience because of the detailed recipes with step by step instructions.

Also included in the Keto diet meal plan is a downloadable shopping list for each week, with every ingredient you need for the following 7 days.

With the keto diet meal plan it will be easy to maintain the necessary discipline.

You will be able to reach your goals in a fast and most enjoyable way as they show you what to eat everyday.

When you read all the comments of satisfied customers regarding the Keto diet meal plan, you can be sure that it works!

If you didn’t have the results you hoped for, this keto diet meal plan is certainly worthwhile considering.

 My name is Adrian Joele and I have been writing articles since 2008. I became aware of the importance of good nutrition when I was an associate with a nutritional supplement company.

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