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Sunday, December 31, 2017

PULLED OVER by Coolest Cop Ever! Much Respect! So We Let Him Drive The Lambo Australia Cops Supercar

Be sure to subscribe to us! While on the Bullrush Rally travelling across Australia (raising money for charity) with Porsche Lamborghini Mclaren and Ferraris, we got tailed by the cops and told to wait at a truck stop so he could chat to us. We considered scooting off as he had been following a while (one of the Lambo's had just been pulled over and we weren't sure what he wanted). Instead though, we did the right thing and waited.. He turned out to be one of the most legendary cops ever! Listen to him as he talks about not wanting to give us a hard time, just that we need to understand the average road user may freak out when seeing 20 wide, low and loud supercars in small country towns. When asked if he wanted to come for a spin in my lambo, he jumped at the chance. After a short drive, I asked if he wanted to drive himself.. Well, here's the video :) Much respect to this South Australian police officer.. Dear SAPOL - you did a great job with this copper :)

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