Fit and Fabulous at 60! RAW – REAL – POWERFUL INSPIRATION

Today’s transformation feature is an update on a Hitch Fit client that you may be familiar with. This is truly one of the most raw, real and inspiring stories we have ever shared on the Hitch Fit website. To be honest, I can’t read this one without tearing up, because I remember the beginning, and I didn’t realize until this feature, that this lady who we have grown to love so much was in such a dark place when she began her fitness journey with us. If you have followed Hitch Fit for any length of time, then you are probably familiar with Vickie Sims. If you’re new to Hitch Fit, then let me introduce you to this astounding lady.
Vickie first began her transformation in 2013 after seeing the success of her friend Kerri. Here’s what she wrote to me on April 9, 2013
“Hi Diana,
 A friend of mine has gone through your program and looks amazing.
 I am wondering if my age will be an obstacle.  I will be 59 in July, and by then I want to look and feel my best.  I want people to look at me and say “dang, she looks good at 59”.  The aging part doesn’t scare me – looking like I am aging does.  I have always been one to exercise (treadmill, weight training at work and exercise dvds (but without the support of others and someone to be accountable to each week, I don’t push myself).
 Can a 58+ year old get as fit as a swimsuit model  – I don’t want to be on one – I just want to look like I could 🙂 
 Any feedback would be so appreciated!!”
My response to her was “YES!” she could achieve whatever she wanted to if she set her mind to it.
Vickie went through her first transformation that year, and at 59 years young, she shed 29 pounds. Click HERE to check out her very first transformation story.
Vickie did AMAZING on that first Lose Weight Feel Great program. But she wasn’t done yet!! She had big goals and dreams which she had been carrying around for decades. Dreams that were now being rekindled by the success she experienced.
So Vickie kept going. She next wanted to tackle a Hitch Fit Fitness Model Plan. She sustained the losses she had achieved before, and kept right on going! She ended that plan with a 40 Pound Weight Loss total since she started! Click HERE to check out Vickie’s transformation feature update from her Fitness Model program.
By this time, Vickie had sustained her healthy lifestyle for nearly 2 years. This 60 years young mother and grandmother was such a great example of how you can make this a lifestyle, regardless of age, and sustain it, that we asked her to be in the Hitch Fit commercial which airs here in Kansas City!! Check it out!
But…you guessed it..she wasn’t done yet! Vickie had a lifelong dream of competing in a fitness event. A dream that was stifled and crushed in her younger years. A dream that she was unsure if she could fulfill. A dream that I believe God placed in her heart. His timing is always better than our own even if we don’t know it. I was honored when Vickie asked me to walk her through this process to get on stage. On May 30, 2015 the dream of competing came true as she stepped on the WBFF stage here in Kansas City. A total loss of 47 pounds when she hit the stage, but this transformation is SO much more than just the number on the scale. Not gonna lie. There were tears. To see how this woman has bloomed and grown and is changing the lives of others by sharing her story is beautiful. It’s breathtaking. Proud doesn’t even begin to express how it makes me feel to know that God led her to me at just exactly the right time. Please read her story, and be inspired by the incredible, the beautiful, the fearless, Vickie Sims.

Vickie’s Story: 
“If you all have been following my story, you know I have been through a couple of the Hitch Fit programs.  After each program I wrote my testimonial.   Every word I wrote was the honest truth.  There is just more to my story that I have ever told anyone.  Why now?  Everything is coming full circle.  I want to reach people that are in a dark period in their lives, or who think of themselves as a failure, to let them know there is hope, to inspire each and every one to become the best version of who they can possibly be.  Once that happens, everything else will fall into place.
So we will start from the beginning:
My name is Vickie Sims.  My transformation began 2 years ago, but my story began 40 years ago.
When I was younger, I had such a fire within me regarding fitness.  I went to exercise classes several times a week and read all of the fitness magazines.  I so wanted to be like Cory Everson.  I had even thought that maybe someday I could step on stage.  Unfortunately,  I had married someone who showed his true colors after we were married.  A person so filled with jealousy, that there was no way I would ever be able to step on stage in a swimsuit in front of the world.   I couldn’t even go to the grocery store without being questioned as to why the clerk looked at me.  Before long my self-esteem and confidence were gone, so was my passion for fitness.  This led to years of unhappiness and living a very unhealthy lifestyle.   I never thought I looked good enough or quite honestly was good enough.  However, on the outside, everyone thought I was this happy go lucky person and that I was in the perfect marriage.  Finally in 1986, I had the courage to get out of an unhealthy relationship.   However, in 1990, I remarried but this relationship was no better and I knew it from the start, but I think at that time, I just wanted someone to love me.   He may not have verbally abused me, but what he did was even more damaging.  He never said anything, never wanted anything to do with me, and basically stayed away from the house.  I lived like this for 5 years.   I finally got the courage to get a divorce.  I felt like such a failure.
Fast forward to May 2013 – now married for 18 years to the most supportive person I have ever known and I had a beautiful family, including two daughters who are my heart and soul and 4 grandkids that I simply adore, and two of the best sons-in-law a person could ask for.  Yet it was one of the darkest periods of my life.  My daughters were busy with their families and my grandkids were at an age where they had lots of stuff going on, so my days of doting on them were gone and my husband was in a band, so he was gone a couple of nights a week.   Most nights I would sit on the couch, well actually lie on the couch, and have candy, ice cream, chips, diet coke and whatever other comfort food I could find.
Here I was, 58 years old, at a place I thought I would never be – overweight, frustrated, raging hormones, depressed, not liking myself at all and I felt so alone all of the time.  For years I struggled with my looks and my feelings of failure.  On the outside, I was this person who made sure that everyone I loved was taken care of first, always a smile on my face, but on the inside I was dying.
There is one night I remember very vividly, one night I have never spoken to anyone about.  Not even the people close to me. If I talked about it out loud, it would have made it all too real.  I felt so alone all of the time.  I was certain that no one really needed me or wanted me around anymore.  Thoughts ran through my head that to this day scare the daylights out of me – thoughts like  “I could just take these sleeping pills and go to sleep… permanently”.  I remember trying to keep myself busy, all the while, sobbing my head off.  I did laundry and I walked outside just to get out of the house.  I kept seeing the faces of my daughters and grandkids and then sobbed even harder.  I literally fell to my knees and I just started praying.
I believe this is where my transformation began.
The next day, I truly believe I was nudged by God.  I felt the need to check Facebook.  There in the right hand corner was a post by a good friend about a Hitch Fit program she was doing.  I talked to my friend and at her suggestion, I contacted Diana from Hitch Fit.
I remember the first question I asked Diana was “can someone my age do this program and see results.”  Diana said “absolutely.”  I wasn’t so sure about that.  I was almost 59 years old – with raging hormones and both work and life filled with stress – I just didn’t see this happening.
I kept feeling the nudge from God.  I went for it and bought my first program.  From day one I was hooked.  I was ready for this and I was willing to make this commitment.  Honestly, it is a huge commitment, but one that is so worth it.  You have to want this, you have to want to lose the weight and you have to want to change your lifestyle when it comes to food and exercise. I lost about 29 pounds on this program.  I then went through another program with Diana and lost another 11 pounds.
Transformation isn’t easy.  Friends don’t understand why you aren’t the fun person you once were – although they may not say those exact words, they do say things like “Are you ever going to drink with me anymore or “I will be glad when this program is over so you can drink again.”    Or, quite honestly, they just stop calling.  Was that really the only fun thing about me?  I am still me, just a better, healthier version.  However, your true friends will support you and be right there with you at all times.  They may not agree with everything you do, but they will not try to bring you down during this time.  Stick to it – it is so worth the journey.
The past few years have not been easy.  You have to make a commitment to yourself.  You cannot make excuses.  I have had lots of things happen over the past year that could have derailed me, and a couple of years ago they would have, but I am strong now, and I can look at life differently and handle life altering situations in a more positive manner.
Transformation is not a diet fix.  It is  lifestyle change.  You learn how to eat healthy, what exercises to do.  You grow stronger each day and with each day, you gain more confidence.  You can tackle life head on.

Vicki Hit the Stage Looking So Amazing.. 

For those that think they are too old, trust me, age is just a number.  Look at me, I am 60, mother of two beautiful daughters, favorite mother-in-law to two of the best sons-in-law around, grandmother to four of the most awesome grandkids on this earth and married to the most understanding, protective, supportive guy, and he just so happens to be the best grandpa around, and I feel better than I have ever felt, mentally, spiritually and physically. I am 47 pounds lighter and lost over 19% body fat.  I just fulfilled a dream that I had in my twenties by stepping on the stage at the WBFF show in Kansas City on May 30, 2015.  My transformation was chosen as one of the top 5.  Now I am preparing to step on the stage at Worlds in Las Vegas.  I am currently studying for my ACE personal trainer certification.   Life has just begun!”

Vickie’s Program Choices
Program #1: Hitch Fit Lose Weight Feel Great – Online Weight Loss Plan

Program #2: Hitch Fit Fitness Model Program – Online Fitness Model Plan

Program #3: Hitch Fit Online Competition Prep Program