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Thursday, December 28, 2017

HitchFit Online Personal Training: The Top 5 Health Food Myths

Hitch Fit Myth Busters!

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The world of food is mixed with both fact and fiction. One day, we’re hearing that a certain product is an excellent source of protein, the next we find out that it supposedly can be a major cause of cancer and worse than smoking a pack of cigarettes. Who can we even trust anymore!?
To help with the confusion, we are going to lay out the top 5 myths that you need to be aware of. We’ve been in this industry for over 20 years—we know what works and what doesn’t. We know what foods you need to eat versus the ones you shouldn’t.
So what is the truth about nutrition? You might be surprised!! Here are the top 5 health food myths we are looking to crack:
MYTH #1: High fructose corn syrup is worse than table sugar
Sugar has never been good for you. In any form you consume it, you should make sure to do so in moderation—if at all. That’s old news. What most people falsely assume, however, is that table sugar is better for you than high fructose corn syrup. The truth is, table sugar and HFCS are made up of the same things; they are both a 50-50 blend of fructose and glucose. So to your body, the two products are just sugar. The reason why HFCS has such a bad reputation is because it’s so cheap. As a result, it’s added to almost any pre-packaged food (i.e. cereal, salad dressing, etc.).
MYTH #2: Eggs are bad for your heart
Eggs contain a considerable amount of cholesterol in theiryolks, and cholesterol is what contributes to clogged arteries and heart attacks. This does not mean that eggs are absolutely bad for your heart though!! The cholesterol we eat doesn’t even have a big impact on raising blood cholesterol. Your body compensates by making less cholesterol itself. Eggs contain plenty of beneficial nutrients and should be eaten in balance with other healthy foods. So what are we trying to say exactly? Eat eggs!! They’re nutritious and delicious (and filling!).
MYTH #3: All carbohydrates make you fat
Contrary to popular belief, there’s nothing inherently fattening about carbs. It’s when you eat too many of them that you get fat. “Good carbs”, such as whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables, are your body’s main source of fuel as well excellent nutrients and fiber. Our advice to you? Load up on a lot more veggies than fruits. You’ll get the carbs you need without all the sugar.
MYTH #4: Calories you eat before bed are worse than those you eat during the day
Most people believe that calories eaten at night contribute more to weight gain because your body isn’t capable of burning as many when you sleep. In reality, calories are calories. What you eat when the sun goes down doesn’t miraculously turn to fat. It doesn’t really matter what time you eat—what matters (quite obviously) is what you eat. You should watch the total amount of calories you take in each day and make sure your body’s metabolism can handle it.
MYTH #5: Food is better for you when it’s organic
Studies haven’t been able to prove that organic products have the nutritional edge over their counterparts. Organic tomatoes you find at the farmer’s market have just as many vitamins as the regular ones you find at the grocery store. What makes the biggest difference in nutrients is how long a product sits on the shelf. The abundance of vitamins and nutrients decreases more and more between harvest and consumption. Also, the organic fried chips you buy aren’t any healthier than the fried Lays you used to get. Fried is fried!!!
Some of these facts may be disheartening, some may give you hope. There are countless myths in the world of food and we’re breaking more and more of them everyday. So next time you decide not to eat something because of all the unhealthy things you’ve heard about it, consider the fact that it could be the next big source of nutrients (or vice versa!).  Be aware of these top 5 health food myths!

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