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Monday, December 25, 2017

Bikini Body Online Plan

A note from Hitch Fit Online Personal Trainer Diana: I’m so proud of today’s transformation Bobbie! Bobbie had always been active, but wanted to get lean, and she didn’t want to just get there for the short term. She was looking for an online personal trainer who could help her learn strategies that she could keep up with! I’m so glad she found Hitch Fit! Bobbie was frustrated, even to the point of going to see doctor’s to see if there was something off balance in her body, after losing 25 pounds on a keto diet, only to gain all of it back and then some. Her husband discovered and suggested Hitch Fit and Bobbie decided she wanted to tackle our Bikini Body Plan. Bobbie was diligent, and shed a little over 20 pounds on the scale, while dropping her body fat down by over 10%. Bobbie has continued on since the end of her transformation and is now doing the Hitch Fit Maintenance plan. We are several months later and she’s still got those beautiful abs!
Bobbie’s Before and After Weight Loss Stats: 
Starting weight: 154
Ending weight: 131
Starting body fat: 27.7%
Ending body fat: 16%
Bobbie’s Before and After Weight Loss Photos:

Bobbie’s Story and Hitch Fit Online Personal Training Review:
“After years of being active, but not as lean as I wanted to be, I was searching for an online personal trainer who could help me find a long-term approach to fitness and nutrition. I was skeptical of most programs after trying Atkins, ketogenic, primal and other plans with only short-term success.
I thought I’d unlocked a real key to being lean when I dropped nearly 25 pounds on keto, only to have ALL that weight (and some!) come back despite strictly following the diet. I thought something was wrong with me and turned to doctors for an answer, but didn’t find it. When I was nearly at wits end, my husband found Hitch Fit and suggested I give it a try. I haven’t looked back since.
I committed from the start to follow the plan entirely. Changing up my diet was hard at first! I knew that what I had been doing wasn’t working, even though I thought I was a “healthy” eater. At home, it became easier to plan and keep to the program. Traveling for work was more challenging. I packed my food for travel like I do when backpacking to make sure I had the right things on hand. When dining with others, I realized just how much my eating had changed because I would add a few “on the sides” and replacement requests (veggies for potatoes, etc.). Other people notice when you make choices to eat well. I’ve found some are supportive and some are not. The important thing is to remember that I’m pursuing my own goals and while I might like that dessert, I want to be lean more!
Overall, the exercise and nutrition of transformation have made a huge difference and as I transition into maintenance, I’m confident I’ve found a long-term plan to stay lean. I turned over my wardrobe and am thrilled to feel confident in my clothes and knowing I’m fit and feel great!”
Program Choice: Bikini Body Online Plan

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