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Sunday, December 24, 2017

From Skinny Fat To Fit

From Skinny Fat To Fit
What an honor it was to work with Troy.  He followed his plan and his results were amazing.  I am very proud of your hard work and feel blessed to call you a friend!!  I am excited for the next stage of your journey and all the people you will inspire along the way.
Starting Weight- 210
Body Fat– 21.96%
Stomach– 39″
Finishing Weight – 191 lbs
Body Fat– 9.62%
Stomach– 32 3/4″

Troy On Tv Sharing His Story

Troy’s Testimonial 

We were both selected by Big Brothers Big Sisters as honorees for their annual 2016 fundraiser event. When he and his wife Diana walked in, you couldn’t help but notice they were the most beautiful, healthiest people in the room.
So we strike up a conversation, and that’s when he said the words that still echoes in my head today and changed my life. “My friend, you are skinny fat even though you wear it well on your ectomorph frame.” Skinny fat? What in the world is he talking about and what the heck does “ekto something” mean?
Well… Eventually I would discover he and his wife are world renowned transformational fitness trainers and I was about to be presented with an opportunity of a lifetime.

“Troy go down to the liquor store and get me a pack of Cool Mild cigarettes and while you’re at it get yourself something to eat,” my mother would say. The something to eat was a greasy nasty polish sausage that probably been going round and round in that little heating machine for days. I also had to get snicker candy bar, a bag of potato chips, and a large bottle of lemonade to wash it all down. I was in heaven. This is what it’s like growing up in housing projects with no grocery store in my community.  This is how I ate nearly every day of my life. Oh…there was the special occasion when we would have an opportunity to go to McDonald’s or Churches Chicken.
Ironically, focus has never been something I lacked in my life. In fact, I’ve achieved virtually every major goal I wanted to although there have been setbacks along the way. For example, I hold a bachelors degree economics, a master’s degree in economics, a master’s degree in political science, an MBA in finance and venture capital formation, a law degree, and the doctorate in education from St. Louis University. I’ve traveled around the world 10 times and I’ve had success in politics, business, and in entrepreneurship. But yet, I was too dumb to know how to eat properly. Sad commentary I know.

It wasn’t until I met Micah and Diana LaCerte I learned I had been eating incorrectly, the wrong way – my entire life. No one ever talked to me about body fat percentage or muscle mass. The only time I was actively involved in any formal training program was during basic training when I was a member of the United States Air Force. Beyond that, I was fitness illiterate, ignorant about anything to do with athletics, and just plain stupid when it came to health and wellness.

So I signed up with HitchFit not knowing what to expect. For years, personal trainers had come across my path encouraging me to sign up, but I was never convinced they knew what the heck they were talking about because frankly they didn’t look the part to me.

The first day I started the program with Micah LaCerte, I nearly threw up all over myself because I was so out of shape. The next 20 weeks would be absolutely transformational as I learned how to balance my macronutrients and began to view food as nourishment for my body. 6 ounces of carbs, 6 ounces of protein, and as much vegetables I could eat to keep me full was the new nutritional path forward. Plus, a protein shake here and there to round out my daily dietary requirements. After a while, eating this way became second nature, it became a lifestyle choice.

When I started the program, I measured 40 inches around my waist. Today, I measure 32 inches around my waist! When I started the program my body fat percentage was 22%, today my body fat percentage is 9% on my way to 7% as the second half of my transformation kicks in full gear.
Micah and Diana LaCerte are truly heaven sent. Without them, I would not have developed the ability to learn how to eat healthy, perform cardio and weight training properly, or feel and look as healthy as I do today.
I would not only recommend HitchFit to anyone who is considering transforming their lives, but insist they go in for an initial assessment because it could actually save their life.

Program Choice: Lose Weight

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