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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Texas Tech Basketball Weight Room Video on US Sports Net

         US Sports Online Strength and Conditioning's 
Basketball Strength and Conditioning Programs

In today's competitive arena, Basketball is a POWER GAME! The athletes are bigger, more powerful and faster. Whether the goal is simply to get in better shape and reduce injury risk, or to compete at a high level on the court, these programs will work. All the Basketball Programs take into account the specific movements and physical demands required to play the best game of basketball!

In the constant quest to provide quality programs there are different variations within each one of the major program goals. These variations are dependent upon how much equipment is available, and how aggressivly the training schedule is.

The "Competitive Basketball Program" was designed with the serious athlete in mind! This workout includes full body Olympic training along with more advanced plyometric exercises for explosive power. This program requires the use of a fully equipped facility.

The "Gym Oriented Basketball Program" requires the use of a fully equipped gym but will help to achieve fitness goals quicker and in many instances will give the best performance increases in your game!

The "Dumbbell Oriented Basketball Program" can be done just about anywhere! It is an excellent program for those who want quality physical development and wish to train in the privacy of the home. Training with dumbbells requires more balance and control to perform the required exercises. It also enhances functional strength development for injury prevention.

Just click on the name of the program you'd like to use at US Sports Online Strength and Conditioning and put that program name in the Fitness/Sport Goal box of your fitness profile form.


  • You can switch programs at anytime!
  • You can preview what a week might look like for any program by Contacting your coach
  • 4 Days/Week Basketball Dumbell Program

    4 Days/Week Competitive Basketball Off-season Program

    4 Days/Week Health Club Basketball Program

    Here's a sample exercise from the Competitive Basketball Off-season Program:

    OLY - Hang Snatch High Pull View Video
    Exercise Description:

    Begin this lift by placing your hands in an overhand grip with palms facing your body. The width of your hands should be 16-18 inches wider than the total width of your shoulders. Lift the bar off the ground, or from blocks, to a standing position. Slowly lower the bar down until it is positioned slightly above your knee caps. This is the "Hang" position. Remember to keep your shoulders over the bar at the start of the lift. Keep your back flat and chest up as you elevate the bar until it reaches the upper part of your thighs. This first pull phase is controlled and is only for getting the bar into the proper position for the second pull phase. The second pull phase is very explosive and is initiated by extending your hips through the bar completely, shrugging your shoulders up, and pulling the bar as high as possible. Lead this pull phase with your elbows so the bar stays close to your body. Return to the hang position and repeat for the required number of repetitions. Once the first repetition is done you do not have to lower the bar back down to the ground. Start the remaining reps from the hang position.

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