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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Tennis Conditioning Workout - Cone Drills to Improve Fitness & Speed on US Sports Net!

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Tennis Program

The Tennis Programs are designed for the person who loves tennis! Whether the goal is simply to get in better shape and reduce injury risk, or to compete at a high level on the court, these programs will get results. All Tennis Programs take into account the specific movements and physical demands required in the game of tennis.

In the constant quest to provide quality workouts there are always variations within each one of the major program goals. These variations are dependent upon how much equipment is available, and how aggressivly training will be.

The "Gym Oriented Tennis Program" requires the use of a fully equipped gym but will help to achieve fitness goals more quickly and in many instances will give the the best performance increases in the game!

The "Dumbbell Oriented Tennis Program" can be done just about anywhere! It is an excellent program for those who want quality physical development and wish to train in the privacy of the home. Training with dumbbells requires more balance and control to perform the required exercises. It also enhances functional strength development for injury prevention.

The "Competitive Tennis Program" was designed with the serious athlete in mind! This workout includes full body Olympic training along with more advanced plyometric exercises for explosive power. This program requires the use of a fully equipped facility. Click here and fill out the fitness Profile Form to get started

Here are the BEST cone drills to improve fitness and court speed for all athletes and especially for those playing tennis and basketball. Try doing these in your workouts today! WIN Free Stuff from Team Critical Bench: How Actors Get Shredded - Download for FREE! 7 WORST Testosterone Killers - FREE Download & Video 5 Ways to Become Tough As Nails - Free Report 7 FASTEST WAYS to Increase Your Bench - FREE report FREE Guide to Olympic Lifting - Download Today Subscribe to Our Channel: The 5 BEST Carbs for a FLAT Belly…Yours FREE! The TOP 5 Fruits for FAST Weight Loss – FREE report: 5 Veggies That Burn Fat Fast – Free Report:

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