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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Children for Adoption and The Rock Almighty Devo with Teramaze and Saint. What does the church say about abortion?


  • Author Jeremy Smith
Two unprecedented crises face children around the world today: abortion and child sex slavery. At home and abroad, the abortion genocide has reached catastrophic heights.
It has been estimated that no war in history has cost more human lives than abortion has. It has become a general convenience and a huge business. Human Trafficking has boomed within the last generation, as well. A rise in organized crime and the easy access to information via the internet have sparked a massive increase in child kidnapping and prostitution.

Christians everywhere have risen to take a stand for justice and fight the abortion and child sex trafficking industries. But words are only words, and even changing laws to protect the unborn and outlaw prostitution will only solve half of the problem. Children, abandoned by their parents or sold into slavery, must have somewhere to go. They must have homes to take them in, arms to embrace them, parents to give them food, clothing, shelter, truth, and love.

Adoption must go hand in hand with any justice movement to free children from the evil of trafficking and unborn death. Though adopting a child can be an expensive affair, adoption agencies have begun to spring up which specialize in lowering the high costs. And it must be remembered that a child's life is worth any amount.

According to Ephesians One, God has a heart for adoption. Romans chapter eight, verses fifteen and sixteen confirm this further. Jesus says simply in John chapter fourteen, verse eighteen that He will not leave the Church as orphans, but will come. The rest of the Bible, Old Testament and New, is full of references to God's heart for orphans and the oppressed. In a way, Jesus was even adopted, as Joseph was not His natural father. If God chose adoption for His own Son, He will be quick to bless those who adopt the helpless.

It is essential in these days of great injustice that the Church at home and around the world is allied and in tune with the heart of God. Such a great need has arisen for parents to take orphans on as their very own sons and daughters. Many potential parents may have promised to pray about it, examine the finances and the housing situation this year. But now is the time. Abortion survivors and trafficking victims need homes now. There is no more time to wait. There is nothing more to consider.

The author is a freelance journalist who writes regularly on the work of charities for children in the developing world. He also supports child ministry work and children for adoption programs.

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