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Monday, July 25, 2022

Concealed Carry: The-Guns Are Designed to Kill People-Conversation



Are guns really designed just for killing people? It sounds like a silly question, but I hear it asked or read it in articles or posts enough that I think it's worth taking a moment to understand why someone might think that way, and challenge that presupposition in an honest, persuasive, and respectful way.

Some People Choose Not to Own a Gun—

First, I want to recognize that there are many legitimate reasons someone might not like guns, or to choose not to own one. Maybe the person experienced a traumatic incident involving a firearm, or because they never learned how to handle one safely, have a fear of guns.

Firearm ownership is an individual choice that someone should make after considering all the responsibilities that come with owning a gun.

But this post is less about someone who chooses not to own a gun, but doesn't care if you or I own one, but more about the spirit behind the idea that guns are designed to kill people.

Do Americans Love Guns?

In a recent post Do Americans Love Guns? I included the often-cited statistic of how many guns Americans own per capita, compared to other countries. (Here is the number of guns per 100 people.)

  1. United States – 120.5
  2. Falkland Islands – 62.1
  3. Yemen – 52.8
  4. New Caledonia – 42.5
  5. Serbia – 39.1 (tie)
  6. Montenegro – 39.1 (tie)
  7. Uruguay – 34.7 (tie)
  8. Canada – 34.7 (tie)
  9. Cyprus – 34
  10. Finland – 32.4

The statistics show that in America, there are more guns than people. The exact number is unknown, but let's say Americans own far more guns per capita than other countries. With so many gun owners and diverse opinions on guns, it's a natural point of contention.


I Blame the Gun—

I think one problem is that the there are people who blame guns, or access to guns, for crime and murder in our country. The influencers in popular culture who see guns this way are highly influential and vocal.

This world view means they see guns, and not the corruption of morals as the problem. So logically, all guns are bad. If all guns are bad, why would any good person own a gun? So, those who own guns are at least morally questionable.

If I blame guns for the ills of society, I see more guns in America than people as a bad thing. I am not surprised when someone murders innocent people in a school, because I believe people only use guns to kill.

gun control

I Blame Culture and Society—

If I blame corrupt morality for the ills of society, I see more guns in America than people as a necessary thing. I am not surprised that gun sales are at historic highs, because most people use guns to defend themselves or others against criminals.

So corrupt society, with rampant evil and crime, gives me more reason to own a gun.

Ethics of Deadly Force

Truth is not Relative—

See the issue here?

Both statements can't be true. However, if you come to the topic with one of the two viewpoints, the statistics only further confirm your presupposition. And if you're neutral, whoever is more authoritative or convincing is likely to persuade you. From then on, you're likely to view the topic that way.

But we can't do that, we have to look at the topic more broadly.

LBBS book

Are Guns Designed to Kill People?

Guns themselves are neither good nor bad. Some people who love guns are pretty good, and some are evil. Some people who hate guns are pretty good, and others are rotten to the core.

Is Oxycodone designed to kill people? No, like many pharmaceuticals, there is benefit when used appropriately. When used irresponsibly or with bad motives, the results are catastrophic.

Like guns, solutions come from looking at why people turn to drugs for relief and solutions to life's certain struggles. Rarely is it the object that causes the problem, but how we use it.

A gun is a tool. Shane had it right.

I think the recent active shooter incident in an Indiana mall is a perfect picture of this principle.

To summarize the incident, two men carried guns one Sunday in July. Both men went to the mall. Each man ignored the mall's “no weapons” policy. One of the men brought the gun to the mall with a desire to murder innocent people, and he did. The other carried a gun to protect his and others' lives, and he did.

To Answer the Question—

Are guns designed to kill people? Well, guns are certainly used to kill people, but not everyone uses them to kill people. Plenty of people use them for sport, hunting, or collecting. And sometimes, using a gun to defend innocent life results in the killing of an evil psychopath.

Even if someone designed a gun for the killing of humans, the gun has no will of its own. The gun can't persuade someone to use it for evil, just as much as it could persuade someone to risk their life to save others. Let's stop absolving ourselves from responsibility and blaming things like guns, drugs, and smart phones for crime, depression and division.

Would laws preventing Eli Dicken from possessing a firearm, kept the murderer from getting one? If not, isn't it a good thing Eli had one?

Not everything permissible is profitable, and many of us would do well to remember that life isn't just about making ourselves happy. There is more at stake. Self-control, compassion and sacrificial love changes hearts, not legislation.

Tell us what you think and leave a comment below. If you enjoy this content, consider sharing it with others. Also, check out our Concealed Carry Podcast where we tackle all the issues related to responsible gun ownership and self-defense.

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