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Friday, July 8, 2022

The Benefits of Strength Circuit Training and The StrengthCast PowerShow


  • Author Daniel Green
Any workout that doesn't involve a certain minimum of danger or responsibility doesn't improve the body. Doing a quick sharp strength and conditioning circuit workout will shock your muscles into shape.
Because of its unique construction, the circuit workout especially one that focuses on reverse switchback super circuit for the upper body and because of its shock value to the muscles it pushes your body right to the edge. Circuits of this nature, it forces you to handle reps and weights in a unique fashion; it expedites muscle growth and improvements in strength.

As you become accustomed, you will have shorter rest periods, increase the intensity, hyping up your metabolism to help your body incinerate extra fat then, as science has shown with such plans, keep burning it for hours after wards. As well, because the workout hews to a circuit format, your cardiorespiratory capacity improves significantly. Done regularly, three times a week non-consecutive day for up to six weeks at a time, this simple but demanding approach to strength circuit training will not wear out your body so much as improve it in ways you won't believe.

For this to be effective, you only have to concentrate on five basic exercises for four complete circuits. With each circuit change, you increase the number of reps while decreasing the weight. As well, you shorten the rest period between exercises each time you start a fresh circuit. This approach will thoroughly exhaust your target muscles fully, the increasing reps pattern, along with decreasing rest periods, is designed to engage deeper layers of muscle fibres, allowing for muscle hypertrophy and endurance improvements within the context of a single workout.

The circuit should be as specified below.

Circuit 1; Start heavy, 4 to 6 reps per exercise; rest one minute between each set Circuit 2; Decrease weight, if necessary, 8 to 10 reps per exercise, rest 45 seconds between each exercise.

Circuit 3; Decrease weight, 10 to 12 reps per exercises, rest 45 seconds between each exercise.

Circuit 4; Decrease weight, if necessary, 12 to 15 reps per exercise, rest 15 seconds between each set.

Here are three tips to maximize your muscle during the circuit training, you don't want to be strong only through a portion of a rep, and you want to be strong throughout the entire range of motion, fully through the concentric and eccentric phases. That's how you engage the greatest number of muscle fibers. Before moving into the eccentric phase of a rep, get a full contraction at the top of the rep by squeezing the muscle tightly. This helps you spend more time with the dumbbell in your hand, which means you'll recruit more muscle fibers.

Make sure to keep tension on the working muscle on the negative phase of each rep. This prolongs the time under tension and generates better results.

Circuit workouts of this nature can either be performed at home or in the gym, and it should take you more than 20 minutes to perform all four circuits. As for the exercises, choose those that you know how to perform well, such as dumbbell bench press, bent over rowing etc.

There is no hard and fast rule on which exercises to perform, but make sure you use proper technique to get the most out of the routine.

The concept of Smartphysicalworkout was developed by Daniel Green who has been involved with the Health and Fitness industry since 1999, providing health and fitness products, services to both the local and online community.

After a slow start, the has grown into a well received site for the Health and Fitness community and the team strive to offer the best quality products available, customer service and satisfaction will always be the key to their success.

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