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Sunday, July 24, 2022

US Sports Training Camp Presented by CoachTube. Tennis Developing A Two Handed Backhand


  • By Ramon Osa

    After Wimbledon, I started thinking a lot about development… and with more players going to a two-handed backhand, I wanted to share what USPTA Elite Professional Mark Bey says about it from his talk at USPTA Pacific NorthWest last year.

    On the two-handed backhand, should your players take the racket straight back, or should you use a loop?


    According to Bey, Straight back take backs have fewer moving parts, and achieve a great “pre-stretch” right away, creating great elastic power potential.

    The loop takeback has more moving parts, but when it’s properly executed, the stroke tends to have great rhythm, helps with timing... 

    and as long as the tip of the racket doesn’t drop too soon, there’s an opportunity for tremendous racket acceleration into contact.

    How about the return of serve?


    Mark’s got some thoughts around taking it early, loading the outside leg, and hitting deep up the middle (in singles).

    Then as your player gets into a rhythm… they’ve earned the right to go for more.

    Last idea from Mark I wanted to share with you…


    And it’s the Champ of the Court game. (AKA King of the Court).

    The cool variations he lists include mean feed/nice feed, a mandatory net appearance, and even changing of court position.

     This drill gives you endless ways to engage your students in a competitive environment.

     In the meantime, keep up the great work, Coach.

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