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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Jesse Duplantis Ministries Featuring: A New Season, Volume 3 Part 1 | Cathy Duplantis and Signs of the End Times

Are you ready for a new beginning? Learn how to prepare yourself for your new season, as Cathy teaches from Ecclesiastes 3.

Signs of the End Times

  • Author D. Vincent Bud Ford
There are those who would roll their eyes at the idea of the signs of the end times. This is due in large part to the number of times in the past people have proclaimed that the end times were upon us. That being said, the events of the past few years, or even decade, have Bible scholars at all levels looking closer to ascertain if prophesy is indeed being fulfilled.
Date and Time
Is there a preordained date and time for the end of the world? In the Bible, this question was posed of Jesus, to which he said that no one would know the day of the end save God himself; however, He did say there would be unmistakable signs. So, while according to the Bible no one can know the specific month, day or hour of the end times return of Christ, it is clear that the season will be apparent.
Prophesy of the Signs
There are many signs listed in the New Testament that will proclaim that the end of the world is near. Here are but a few and the manner in which they may have been fulfilled.
In Mathew 24:6 Jesus says there will be wars and rumors of wars; nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. There have been wars before, even wide spread wars, but it does seem like every time you turn on the news for the past 8-10 years there have been wars declared or rumored to be at hand. Iraq and Afghanistan being just the latest actual manifestations of this prophesy. Even today, while wars are continuing you have major uprisings in the Middle East, most notably the revolts in Egypt, Libya, Bahrain and Yemen.
Famine and Earthquakes:
Mathew 24:7 talks about earthquakes, disasters and famine in diverse places. There have definitely been earthquakes and disasters in areas all over the map. In the past seven years alone, there has been massive loss of life in Indonesia, China and Pakistan. Add to that the catastrophe in Darfur and other regions as well as reports of wide spread hunger and you have conditions that easily fit into the end times criteria. We have always had these things, but it is the increase in number and intensity that is notable.
Violence and Crime:
Mathew 24:12 states that iniquity shall abound and the love of many will grow cold. Has there been a time in history when crime and violence were worse than they are today? Many will say there have always been violent and heinous acts perpetrated on innocent people, and this is true, but look at the intensity and frequency of today?
Is the day upon us when all things will come to an end? Bible scholars say probably not, but they are fast approaching. After each statement, wars and rumors of wars, famine, earthquakes in diverse places and false prophets Jesus says do not fear because these things must happen before the end comes upon the world. One last bit of food for thought, consider the speed at which the world has been changing. Look at technological advances and scientific changes, it has been said there are now more changes in a year than used to occur in a century.
In spite of all that is happening in our rapidly changing world, no one knows when Christ will return for His Church in the rapture; that could happen at any time. We just do not know how intense the signs will get before He comes for His Bride.

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