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Monday, June 15, 2020

Warrior Poet Society Featuring: Be Prepared to Protect in Times of Unrest and Warrior’s Credo: Part 6: Free will fosters the force of freedom

John Lovell, founder of the Warrior Poet Society, sits down with USCCA’s training operations manager Steve Fischer to discuss the rise of unrest and why ALL Americans need to be prepared for the worst.

If you are not already familiar with John, he’s a tactics instructor, former Army Ranger and war veteran. Find out what you can do right now to avoid, de-escalate and defend yourself from danger during these times of mayhem. Likewise, there are hard lessons that we can take away by studying these events to become ultimate protectors.

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Warrior’s Credo: Part 6: Free will fosters the force of freedom

Author Randy Gonzalez
Free will takes to the joust of disbelief, as many forsake the essence of one’s capacity for the freedom of choice. In lieu of liberation, most prefer enslavement to an ideology of deterministic oppression. Others, a valiant few, will fight on and resist the simplistic complacency of safe mediocrity in status quo consensus. Instead of the influence of logic, creativity and transformation, all often feelings devolve to selfish arrogance of antisocial contrivances.
Maladaptive and regressive, pitiful excuses for the stupidity, shape modern narratives from one alibi to the next. Frequently, responsibility hides with accountability the darkness of human motivations. While integrity searches for the lost horizons of credence, common sense takes exile. Human systems, influenced by over-lapping human interactions, devolve to the consumptive pursuit of consumer gluttony. Intellectual advancement suffers.
By neither dogma of original sinfulness, division of the fall, nor misbegotten hindsight of original righteousness, motivational factors are matters of rational selectivity. A cause is set into motion by willful and well-chosen targeting of specificity. With malice aforethought, premeditation and intentional purposes, instigation are set to motion. Yet, the complexity of human thinking dares the intricacy of psychological magic for purposeful instigation.
One suggestion for a linkage of personal freedom in a credo of self-reliance potentially relates to the nature of human consciousness. Complexity is too simplistic to define the wholeness or totality of such manifestations. Not to forget of course, the necessity for personal proclivity in creativity, the innovative criticality of self-transformation. Many will not change. Regressive resistance will satisfy most satisfied with the less than creative banality of life.
Devoted attentiveness to self-evolution, beyond the stagnant fixated selfishness, remains a daunting mission for most people. Except for the few who will risk dangerous and treacherous trek of differentiation, many will stay behind. The more one asserts his or her freedom of choice, contrary to the concession of normalcy, the greater to the observation of how little others change. Deviation is a rational process of selectivity in spite of what contemporary neuro-gurus claim.
For a number of fearful reactions, emotional sensitivity in perverse self-righteous subjective validation, particularly in the "hallowed" halls of academia, proclaim deterministic exclusivity. By dogmatic determination, many from the realms of pseudoscience in "social studies" defame the liberation of the human mindset. For them, free will is an illusion. Regardless, the valiant ones press on in the persistence of individuality to foster higher forces of personal freedom.
While evil grins, death leers and the pompous piety of those who smirk in their conceit. Evil is a metaphor to express the damage done to others for the satiation of egoistic proclamations. Evil encompasses the notion of malevolence, horrors, tortures, crimes, oppressions and so on, that humans do to each other for the sake of self-enrichment. Such is the narcissistic infantilism of the post-modern era in which one condemns others who disagrees regardless of evidence.
Back and forth, the ebb and flow, and the eventual demise of the human species for the sake of selfish aggrandizement. For the sake of intentional malevolence, with careless disregard for an evolving process, animosity and condescension inflicts tortuous consequences for illicit purposes. Sometimes, these perpetrations are by pretext of intellectual subset to the nasty invective toward another who might take issue with the former. As such, bullying comes in many forms.
Within the cerebral context of constant chemical actions, in complex organic functions, one can only guess as to the actuality of inner cause and effect. Regardless, freedom is essential and pervades the insistence for willing effort to think in rational terms. Absent reliable scientific validation beyond any doubt, by weight and proof of evidence, everything else is a matter of opinion. Although thinking errors are easy, logical efforts are challenging.
Scared, overly sensitive and self-victimized by perceptions of a false reality, mindset dulled and expression muted by magical thinking, stupidity finds excuses. To assert a possession of free will threatens the ideological dogma reinforced in status quo shallowness. One size fits all, the template in the same, a standardized production of consuming robotics in human form. None of this is really new, as things seldom change where human beings are concerned.
From an individualized perspective of willful instigation, some view freewill as that which fosters the birthright of freedom. The transition from self-evolving status, to higher transformation, becomes a life-long insistence to assert liberation. Shunning the seedy misguided entanglement of labeling, stigmatizing or unsubstantiated diagnosing, assertion of independence casts off social bondage. For some communal enslavement is preferred. For others it is proactive engagement with life in a mature grownup way. Not many grow up, as juvenile captivity pervades.
In the great chess game, the knight holds the lead. His or hers is the tactical advantage. The move most valued is a procession of change. By stealth and audacity, the fighter fights the good fight. Ronin, as an archetype, pursue the passages ignored, despised or neglected. Of shield, spear and sword, he or she carries the struggle in multidimensional perspectives. To transcends the conventional and provoke the exceptional, warrior-hood is not for everyone.
Spartan-like, the warrior prepares always for the simplicity of the unconventional. He or she strives to keep things simple, basic and austere. It is a utilitarian perspective. As to wealth and power, domination and control, such things of little interest. Those are proclivities for an earlier time of juvenile narcissism. Likewise, gluttonous consumption is repugnant. Regardless, the warrior investigates all probable opportunities for the sound application of logic, reason and rational application. Practical utility is important without excessive gain.
The plain fact of the matter is, valiant few do not need much in the way of materiality. Except where the mental energies are concerned, the universe imposes the only limit. Mind over matter in both defense and offense as well as recreation and meditation pursues the primacy of thinking. These possessions are in constant generation, as is the necessity of constant creativity. Exceptional storehouses of ideation that build upon inherent ingenuity embrace the personal adventure. Unceasingly, he or she performs the diligent duty of readiness for exploration.
As to all personal senses, beyond the realm of the traditional five, keeping watch, vigilant and mindful, warriors labors to manage the egotism of their personal abilities. Profound serious thinking becomes a daunting task for many. As usual, sheep rely on the sheep dog to keep the wolves at bay. To no avail, some of the more clever predators manage to get through. Betrayers are constantly in our midst, proselytizing the dogmas of conformity. Fearful recesses of darkness hide the profane emotional animosity against those who seek to break free.
Often human engagement meets with opposition due to the maladaptation of others. People are well equipped with deception and their private agendas conceal their true intent. There are always those who act more in self-interest than others do. Predators are always around and appear in various forms. Some pretend while others offend. Teetering ever so precariously along the continuum of human motivations, the balance between essential goodness struggles against malevolent intentions. Alertness remains essential at all times to every possibility.
For a few, vigilance keeps watch and stays on task regardless of distractions. During which, warriors embrace the willfulness to achieve a finer sense of maturity in the presence of wisdom’s council. As many devolve, the brave ones evolve. In vast domain of social intercourse, resisting the psychobabble of simplistic notions challenges at every moment. Proving and disproving conjectures, creations and connections is an ongoing endeavor. To keep the watch, invokes the vigilance of self-evolving transformation, especially to the negativity of modern times. For the weak, the self-righteous projection of psychobabble safeguards their ignorance.
Aside from the compelling admonition of willfulness, the ability to admit wrongfulness, forgetfulness or thoughtlessness is productive to an ascendant personality. Not so with detractors, as their bullying comes in many forms. From schoolyard simplemindedness, to the cowardice of public policy makers, and pundits of narrow opinion, the negativity of the modern era degrades the advance of social civility. Wisdom does not unfold from cowardly trespasses upon the sanctity of another. No matter what the guru or celebrity worship, the foolishness of selfish condescension parades as children in adult form. Behavior is intentional and premeditated.
Where the warrior does not strike back, the fools perpetrate their frauds. As to physical, psychological or both, the intimidation attacks in many ways. For battles won or lost, all is essential to personal liberation, nonetheless, there is a time to ignore and move on. In short, no excuses, no complaints, no denials, just get over it, grow up and engage the next conflict. Much of which is a matter of spiritual warfare that relates directly to purposeful acts of liberation. For the sake of individuation, surrender is not an option, perseverance is vital to survival.
Free will frightens the simple and most learned, for it is scary to know one commands the very essence of himself or herself. Powerful, extraordinary and psychically multidimensional, those depths, where screams echo from dreams, expose the reality of fearful personal potency. As to this salacious energy of cerebral power, many cower and hide behind a mask of fakery. Especially from the inner darkness, which some might call the Id; there is the greatest possibilities of productive creativity. The desires, the sensuality and the libidinous carnality of real human nature, terrorizes the weak, the timid and the stupid. Many run from such powerfulness.
As to that, some will conjure the conjecture of external influences. Academia is full of theories in the multitude of simplistic explanations. However, for the stupid, they are reckless and endanger the others for the arrogance of their idiocy. For them, they are always right and, like most of the mainstream, and social media "experts", they will believe anything that serves their purposes. When risk enters the picture and begs indulgence in faulty decision-making, adversity contends with the reality of purposeful necessities. Risky notions are part of the quest, the adventure.
Willfully, by over-simplification, factious generalization, faulty thinking lends credence to the authenticity of disbelief. From which, conspiracy theories abound. As such, failures in concrete solidification of the truth give way to fallacies of inference that merge the mythic misconceptions of reality with surreal manifestations of fearful childish reactions. Along the way, rational processes are intentionally subjugated for the satiation of fiction over fact.
Of people, places and property, the interaction of linkage overlays emotional attachments, whereby some assume their divine right of domination. Unfortunately, since most are woefully ignorant of history’s vital lessons, the learning process is stifled at a grade school level. Certainly, a reference or hint might infer that in academia there are supposed intellectuals with advanced degree status. However, a warning is flashed in brilliantly urgent red colors, beware of the pretentious nature of academic achievement. Mature wisdom, ascension to higher altered states of enlightenment does not come easily, especially by any degree granting authority.
An assumption is often made that brilliance flows from an institutional setting. But so does ignorance, immaturity, and selfishness for personal agendas. Likewise, foolishness escapes from other institutions as well. There are always exceptions to learning competences, much of which transcends from the real world experiences. On a real life playing field of practitioner versus theoretician, the one who practices what she or he preaches, is likely better equipped. Connectivity to the interactivity has its price tag when idiocy comes into play.
Liberation of individual will has associated cost factors for such detachment from the status quo. Animosity for differences, biases and prejudices, and all kinds of biting sarcastic invective, rush to judgement, and so forth infect social engagement. The warrior insists upon his or her constant vigilance. Human interactivity does not always necessitate communicative interface in a positive and productive manner. Engagement in the human process has benefits, drawbacks and disadvantages, as most will detract and vent negativity due to their shortcomings.
Negativism in postmodern instances is more prevalent than ever before. Often, this is a matter dependent cowardice, depending upon place, status and influence. Some inducements to interrelate foster networks that negatively intermingle to be counterproductive and mostly destructive. Nonetheless, for the valiant knight of life’s persistent engagements, he or she will likely have the greatest impact for oneself, and not much for the rest of world.
Saving the world is not the primary objective. Becoming a better version than the original self is the prime directive. Individually, there are opportunities to express the capacity to encourage change in others in one form or another. Alternatively, as some warriors have done, another option may be to select disengagement completely. Self-proclaimed exile from the juvenile narcissism of modern days is an enticing possibility. In spite of the psychobabble to the contrary, one does need others in order to succeed in a personal quest for higher ascension.
Essentially, in the end, the darkest hour to cross the great divide, the big sleep, nothing matters after that. When the light go out and it get really dark, that’s it. No one comes back. In time, no one cares. All is forgotten, doomed to repetition from one era to another. Regardless, for being in the present moment, there are times when isolation from the battles entices the sensory seductions for the betterment of personal liberation. Such are free will acts of differentiation. To be alone becomes a strong temptation and necessary companion.
On occasion, solitude may pull the lure of pleasurable appreciation for exploration of multidimensional possibilities. For the hunger, the thirst and lust of an open, free and adult conversation, the sanctity of being alone is a hollowed experience. Talking with oneself is a freedom few will know. Meanwhile, others will argue differently. For the amative self-aggrandizement of their cognitive bias, some will insist upon their public validation. Yet, for another level of free will expression, libidinous drives foment the ideation of extraordinary creativity. Privacy of is a sacred retreat for the brave and bold.
Communal consensus is not always so fascinating, nor is collective constraints the ideal of social productivity. The charm of interactivity with others wears off quickly and has limitations. While not everyone may be suited for the island of personal exile. Paradise comes in myriad formats of personal perception. Sometimes, solitary personal placements have their encouragements. Yet, autonomy has a lack of sovereignty in a perfect sense. Freedom is misleading. Absolute freedom is an ideal conception. It is not just a matter of being free, but a deliberation upon the consequences of its cause and effect upon all the senses.
Free will invites the liberty of divergent conflicts no matter what the fear of others. Blameworthiness collides with one’s striving to move onward, along with accountability and responsibility. Openness to exceptional possibilities encourages the nonconformity of personal conviction to escape the entrapment of others. However, when remorse, fear, and guilt are allowed to shame individual self-directed action, unproductive dysfunctional conformity sets in. This geometric progression of human devolution hastens the eventual demise of the species. As personal responsibility falters, chaos and anarchy join forces. Accountability ends up with accumulated losses to the detriment of civilization. Even though the opposition and the challenge to social conforming has its risks, only a few brave ones will accept the challenge. In opposition, the vast majority will insist upon the cowardice of their gluttonous collectivism. The many will accept the contrived perpetration of those that demand mindless conventionality.
For the warrior mindset, willful rebellion to oppressive tyrannies do go unchallenged. The blessed sanctification of solitude, in the potency of ultra-rationalization, with wise control of bias, is the antidote for the wild spread of arrogance in the cultivation of stupidity. Being alone, meditating rigorously in the sweat of intense ideation, the laborious quest for wiser ascendency never ceases to hunt for the liberation in transformation. Fighting back, resisting and arguing ethical precepts in wisdom versus ignorance, to ensure a righteous sense antagonism.
Purposeful in the drive to strive to achieve the fruition of dreams, aspirations and wishes stir the imagination and potency of creativity. Imagination is essential. Regardless of the opposing forces that are ever-present, with their negativity, both overt and covert, the individual perseveres onward against the onset of the zombie apocalypse. That of course is a metaphorical reference to the degrading erosion of culture toward eventual extinction of the human species.
Relentless, and sometime ruthless, the warrior mindset defends the rightness of individuation in personal liberation. Freedom of the will fosters release from social bondage. To erect obstacles and throw up barriers at every turn, the less evolved, the inept, and the detractors will find opportunities for their schemes. Cowardice grimaces upon the faces of the fearful, who know only weakness and forsake acts of courage. Ethical weakness abounds everywhere.
For the negative people, instead of being crafters, artisans, or warriors, they will perform their role as betrayers and steal from others. No matter what the risk, however, the energies of warriors configure different alternatives that are productive. The pleasure of gainful enrichment for being free stimulates the expectations of perseverance. Yet, free at no cost is unrealistic. Everything has a price and always carry risks. Likewise, as faith in the invisible bears no allegiance to the tangible, the ethical admonition is to the betterment of oneself with no harm to others.
Warriors know the physical realm, and yet go to great measure to explore the other realms of existence as well. From streams of dreams to wakeful conscious endeavors, based on real-world experience and trust in oneself, he or she will prevail by strenuous exertion of self-determination. However, as others protest in the smug piety of self-denial and fearful selfishness, they condescend others. To this, a warrior connects validity in oneself as a worthwhile investment, and endures to ascend to higher planes of self-evolution. He or she does not forget the real value in the experience of the conflicts of life. Without exposure to the darkness, there is no sense of the light. The usefulness derived from the struggle possesses meaningful consequences for learned ideation. From cradle to safe haven, there exist no meaning without the falls in between.
Meanwhile, in the devolving chase of never growing up, the pursuit of Peter Pan’s Neverland, many relish in the primordial slide into their selfish perspective of infantile narcissism. An ever-increasing crescendo of weakness over courage, and cowardice over conviction. Metaphorically speaking, one might argue there is a growing shopping list of "social irritants" that might hurt someone’s feelings. Or, worse yet, a presupposition that a person ought to feel safe everywhere, under every possible condition, he or she must be protected from anything threatening.
From safe places to "gun-free" zones, to adult "time outs", protected "speech" and lengthy medical warnings, etc., the condescending vagaries of selfish behaviors is regressive. From a societal perspective, an apparent lack of moral courage, loss of confidence in self-reliance, and fading adventurous spirit now characterizes the malaise of a devolving culture. Instead, free speech is viciously under attack, with the ongoing invasive assaults on open uninhibited discourse. Malicious intentions of "thought police", with presupposition of their ignorance and arrogance, clamor to control social media and mainstream interactivity with tyranny.
To the warrior, or those of a Spartan mindset, such admonitions of illicit power, domination and control, are grievously repugnant. Noble inclinations, in pursuing a tactical mindset, the valiant and brave ones persevere onward regardless of the opposition or obstacles. Neither contrived consensus nor whiny condemnations distract the warrior from his or her pathway. For the courage of one’s convictions, the risk is in the rebellious spirit of social survival. Regardless of whether or not someone or some group is "offended" by whatever transpires in the moment, a warrior’s credo insists upon self-reliance and determination to prevail against the odds.
Wisdom, benevolence and courage form an historic trinity around duty, discipline and devotion. To be brave is to work tirelessly to be transformed to a more enlightened mindset. Most would prefer to sit by the sidelines in the safe mediocrity of criticizing others. Mean spirited memes of self-victimization foment the hideous hatred of creativity in the courageous few. For the weak and the cowardly, their ill placed adherence to despotic notions, specious conjecture and faulty fallacies hasten the eventual collapse of a once great society. Danger looms closer each day.
From the mindset of freewill that forces individual liberation from the dividing complicities of malevolent intentions, valued principles, and the creed of the cause serves to elevate the senses. Psychic wits know no boundaries. The energy is boundless. Controlled by each temperament of free expression of willfulness. In profound mindful awareness, the potent gradient of each rising thought insists upon the innovative necessity to excel to advanced echelons of intensity.
For the modern Spartan, who challenges life’s amazing spectral array, personal freedom rests upon the relentless pursuit of self-determination. Simplicity for preference in physical necessity, but extraordinary depth of mindful intrigue, the warrior fights for personal autonomy. Forsaking the folly of modern conjecture, battling the incestuous taboo of magic thinking, and rising above the enslavement of contrived consensus for arcane status quo, the warrior perseveres. Whereas detractors bully at every opportunity, the critics rage from inexperienced projections, and the lazy foment the invective of inferential fallacies, the brave ones seek higher truths.
While the republic faces devolving jeopardy, and individual liberty contends with demise, a lone Spartan adherent never gives up in her or his transformation. For them, and their energies expended, quantity never exceeds quality of each experience. Proceedings of thoughts measure the scope of a person in the self-evolving streaming dreams of enlightened expectations. Both on the inside of his or her ideation, as well as the externality of cumulative effect.
To the outside in public exposure, for trials by combat in life’s survival, the offer of deep insight to individual feeling, dealing and reasoning, creativity is essential, in one event after the other. The experience by such, the serious practitioner’s art and craft, is to learn how to know the rightful distinction of willfulness. Not only with that, but the recognition of the great depth and expanse of human evil in its entire manifest forms. For the minions of diminished mindset, the insistence of stupidity pervades every exercise of sensory interpretations.
For the warrior, the quest is not without the trials in every aspect of humanness. Neither is the personal journey devoid of controversy and even life threatening possibilities. As to a central focus regarding the necessity of willfulness, freedom to pursue liberation, there will always be detractors. Modern arrogance of others insists upon the acceptance of superficial contrivances of nebulous notions. Specious and superficial conjecture, absent a profound appreciation of history, along with an evolved maturity, persists contentiously against a warrior’s credo of free will.
Oppression of instinctual desires by obsessions of dogmatic opposing ideologies, particularly those of dogmatic doctrines, may interfere with a personal declaration of independence. As such, the warrior perseveres in his or her choice toward an ascendency of individual liberation. Such energies of mindfulness will delve in dimensional configurations most people won’t want to visit. Because of fear, many hesitate to venture too far from the norm, status quo, or safe mediocrity of shallow expectations. They will acquiesce to the illicit sovereignty of others. Some will do amazing atrocities by groupthink, herding or other collective gangsterism.
Randy Gonzalez has been an active member in the criminal justice field for the past 40 years. As a police officer, deputy sheriff and law enforcement trainer, he has been involved in a number of criminal justice activities. He is the former director of a police academy and a retired chief of police. He teaches criminology at private college.

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