Great Golf Drills Vol. 2 - The Short Game featuring Dr. Gary Wiren

by sportvideos

Great Golf Drills Vol. 2 - The Short Game featuring Dr. Gary Wiren


For players of all abilities, the key to a lower score lies in mastering The Short Game. In this informative program, Dr. Gary Wiren takes viewers step-by-step through the drills and tips needed to improve their proficiency around the greens. You will learn which shots to play in different situations and how to develop the touch necessary for a great short game. This video will help you to learn the correct principles of practicing the short game and dramatically lower your scoring average! Book this course....

The Coach

Gary Wiren is a member of six Golf Halls of Fame, including the PGA Hall of Fame and the World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame, and has honorary memberships or distinguished-service recognition from Sweden, Italy, New Zealand and Japan. Wiren was a collegiate conference champion, won the South Florida Seniors PGA title, the South Florida long-driving championship, played in the USGA Senior Open and the PGA Senior Championship and has won the World Hickory Championship. He has written or participated in the writing of over 250 magazine articles and 14 books including The PGA Teaching Manual, the most influential book on golf instruction in history.  Book this course.....