How to Teach Beginning Pole Vault

by Scott Strohmeyer
How to Teach Beginning Pole Vault


How to Teach Beginning Pole Vault is an instructional resource for track & field coaches who are working with novice pole vaulters. In that regard, this coaching course reviews three basic areas of responsibility that coaches should address, as well as points out the key concerns in each area: the first day of practice (safety, holding the pole, progressions 1-2-3s, grass vaulting, and the“talk”); coaching the first year (pole carry, run approach, pole drop, pole plant, takeoff, hangtime, swinging up, and flyaway); and the coach’s perspective (individualizing, levels, looking inward, the vaulter’s bag, meet management, and rules to consider). Among the topics covered:
  • Safety
  • Coaching the first year
  • Pole plant
  • Takeoff
  • Hangtime
  • Swing up
  • Pull turn
  • Flyaway
  • A coach’s perspective