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Monday, October 29, 2018

Natural Cancer Cures ~ Holistic Healing Live and Why Did I Get Cancer, The Facts You Need to Know

We will discuss some powerhouse plants that destroy the microbes that cause cancer.[Video below] Email me if you have questions:

Why Did I Get Cancer, The Facts You Need to Know
By: Alan Wighton

Most people are shocked and bewildered when first diagnosed with cancer and naturally turn to the people they trust the most for the reasons why. Doctors may suggest that it could be genetics or something outside their control but they don’t really know. Cancer is only a modern day problem and also only in western civilised countries so the causes of cancer are well known but unfortunately not by our medical system that are more interested in offering you their ineffective toxic treatments.

One hundred years ago cancer was almost unheard of and today in undeveloped or third world countries it is still a rare diseases. If our mainstream medical system was interested in find the reasons why there is so much cancer now why don’t they travel to a country where it doesn’t occur and find out why it is not occurring. The simple fact is that cancer has become a profitable business for both our medical care system and pharmaceutical companies.
To overcome cancer you have to know the reason why it first appeared because before you can be free of it you must deal with the factors that first caused it. All cancers are a self-caused disease and they are caused by an immune system that’s been weakened and didn’t control cancer cells as they appeared within the body and that is because of the way we now live. Supermarkets and the food we are putting in our mouths are one of the main contributing factors.

The food we eat on a daily basis has changed over these last few decades and is the reason why there is so much cancer now so common sense should tell you that it’s time to make some changes. Start by removing that dead over processed food that the supermarket shelves are full of. Other lifestyle changes are exercise everyday as your immune system needs it to function efficiently. Also it’s best to get exercise outdoors which means you will also be getting some valuable vitamin D from the sun and that is well known to be beneficial to a cancer victim.

Other facts doctors won’t tell you are to be wary of the many chemicals that are in circulation today which are finding their way into our bodies. We are overwhelmed with toxic chemicals that we breathe in as in exhaust fumes or fly sprays, they are absorbed through the skin because of our use of personal care products and of course we ingest them because of additives in our processed food. Most of these chemicals have been extracted from crude oil and are contributing to many of our health problems.

It’s important to realise that with a cancer diagnosis the growth itself is only a symptom and a symptom is only a sign that something is wrong with the entire body. The symptom itself is not the problem and it is pointless just removing these growths which do little towards long term healing. Patients may experience remission following the treatments in use today but if you don’t remove the reasons why it first grew then that is not a cure and the cancer will only grow again.

Cancer is caused by uncontrolled cell growths within the body because the body’s defence system didn’t control these foreign cells when they appeared. It’s because our immune system had been weakened by the factors mentioned above. To solve the problem it makes sense to strengthen the immune system with healthy living instead of weakening it with toxic treatments. The body need’s to be healed and natural living does that.

Alan Wighton is an experienced natural therapist specializing in nutrition.

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