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Sunday, October 21, 2018

JJ Watt, Firefighter Training and What Is Taught On Fire Science Degrees?

Millions idolize JJ Watt on the field as a hero, but watch as he heads back to his hometown fire station with his dad to Beat the Heat and pay tribute to some real heroes.

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What Is Taught On Fire Science Degrees?
By: Claire Williams
Uncontrolled fires are catastrophes that can cause damage to property and belongings as well as potentially have psychological impacts on its victims. Ultimately, fires can affect how people go about their daily lives. It is often argued that those who risk the lives of themselves and others should have a degree in fire fighting or at least have an understanding of how fires work.

What Do You Learn On a Fire Science Degree?

There are key areas that a degree in fire science looks in to. Firstly, students will tend to consider analytical approaches to fire protection and learn how to investigate whether a fire is likely. Most fire science degrees also incorporate a discussion of disaster and fire prevention planning. This normally includes topics such as problematic materials that might cause a blaze as well as further the spread of flames. The management of certain materials is considered in order to provide the clearest directions for use and maintenance.

Other key subjects that are studied on online fire science degrees include the role of the fire service within the community, the technical legal and social aspects of arson, the application of technology to firefighting and, also, the psychological effects of fire dynamics. Understanding of the water supply also forms part of several online fire science courses as well as determining what constitutes fire-related human behavior.

Can It Prepare Your For A Career In The Fire Service?

Most Firefighters will have some kind of qualification either done previously to joining the force or ‘on the job’. An online Fire Science degree can equip you with everything you need to begin a career in the fire service. Most online schools provide options where the student can learn about fire behavior and combustion including the basic concepts of fire, how it spreads and how to control it. Introductions to the various states of matter, the various constituents of fire and the physical and chemical properties of fire, should also be touched upon. Most online degrees will explore the fundamentals of constructing buildings, their types of structure and designs as well as the impact of buildings on firefighting.

Do You Need A Degree To Fight Fire?

Whilst you don’t necessarily need a degree to become a firefighter, it is highly advised to study an online fire science degree if you intend to have a rewarding career in the service. If you apply to your local fire brigade after successfully completing high school you will be given advice on the best route for you to take. To progress in your career a Fire Science degree or Emergency Management degree would be necessary to reach the upper levels of the service.

Online fire science degrees are available at various levels. An Associate of Fire Science degree is the first level a student completes although if they have certain qualifications with sufficient credits they are able to enter at the Bachelor of Fire Science level. Once qualified graduates can then expect to earn a salary of around $45,000 per year. It is customary for a firefighter to earn an increase in salary each time they achieve a promotion – a fire chief can earn anything up to $100,000 per year.

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