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Friday, June 22, 2018

Protein Fad or Protein Fact?


Protein: More Than The Latest Fad
Protein has long been lauded as the muscle-building mineral of fitness competition winners – but why? What is it about this nutrient that actually helps the body maintain a healthy weight, enhance muscle, and fend off fats.
The Power Of Protein
Protein is an essential nutrient for many functions of the body, including the building and repair of tissues. Yes, tissues include muscle! Hair and nails are other areas that depend on protein to exist. In fact, each cell in your body needs protein. Physical bodies were designed to require a particular set of nutrients in order to not only survive, but thrive. Since the body requires such a large amount of protein in order to create, maintain, and repair many tissues, you need to ensure the proper amounts are being taken in on a daily basis.
The Right Kinds Of Protein
Protein can be accumulated from a variety of sources, but not all of those options will do your body well. A nice 8-ounce steak, for instance, contains more than enough protein than daily needs; however, there are significant amounts of fats included in that steak. Try to incorporate a variety of sources in your protein search, and make sure they add to your diet in other ways as well. Here are some protein options that give you the right amounts, without the added negatives:
  • Seafood – Salmon, especially, is an incredible source of protein, without the excessive fat count. The fats that seafood does contain are in the form of omega-3 fatty acids, which is heart healthy!
  • Dairy – Yogurt, milk, and cheese contain a very good amount of protein, paired with the added benefit of calcium. With diary products, you can work on muscle and bone strength. Milk is often fortified with vitamin D, really ramping up the health benefits.
  • Poultry – Both the chicken and the egg are beneficial here! Additionally, eggs are just about the least expensive form of protein you can find, giving you some great breakfast options that won’t stretch your budget.
  • Protein Shake – For those on-the-go, or even just trying to really pare down their food intake will love the option of protein powder. Blend it up with ice and water or milk, and you’ve got your perfect protein-packed breakfast! For added benefits, and to help you reach your specific magic protein number, add in some kale, coconut, or flaxseed! All of your protein needs can be obtained with one quick shake.
More Protein ≠ More Muscle
To be clear, protein itself does not create stronger muscles. It does, however, give your muscles the tools and nutrition they need to ensure they be properly built and created. Because of this, taking in more protein will not ensure bigger, stronger muscles. Strength training will ensure you gain the strength you’re looking for, and protein will help your body stay healthy in order to handle the strength training exercises. Don’t buy into the latest trends and go on a protein-only diet. Do your research, ask a professional, or enlist the help of an online personal trainer to help you find your body’s necessary protein requirements. Take in just the amount you need, and focus on the gym to take care of the rest!

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