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Sunday, June 24, 2018

50 and Fit!

Presented By Hitchfit On US Sports Net!
I’m so proud of today’s incredible transformation Rachel!  In June 2015, at 50 years of age, Rachel realized that she wasn’t happy with where she was physically when she saw a picture of herself with friends. She knew she was ready for change.  Rachel started off with a 16 Lose Weight Feel Great plan, and since she resides in the Kansas City area, she supplemented her online training with one on one sessions at Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park with Transformation Trainer Eric Reynolds! Rachel did an incredible job, shedding 20 pounds and 12% body fat. Congratulations Rachel! You make 50 look AMAZING!
Rachel’s Stats:
Starting weight: 159
Ending weight: 139
Starting body fat: 30%
Ending body fat: 18%

Rachel’s Tips for Success:

Here are  my  take-ways for anyone thinking about making a change:
  1. You will not likely see quick changes.  I could ‘starve’ myself over a weekend, and lose more weight than I did in my first two weeks on the program.  BUT, each day of doing to right activities, builds over time, and the changes (both weight and body fat) become evident.  Additionally, these activities eventually become your lifestyle, not just a diet.
  1. The meal prep and eating according to the timeline is like a part-time job.  You have to take it seriously.  You have to prepare.
  1. It is likely you will struggle the first few weeks, getting everything down.( meal prep, exercise, drinking enough water, etc)  Do not get discouraged!  You’re making a major change to your life/ your routine.  If it were easy, everyone would naturally know how to do it, and there would be no need for Hitch Fit.
  1. Don’t just look at the number on the scale.  The body fat changes are so important!
  1.  Be prepared for negative comments as people notice the changes you’re making in your food choices / your lifestyle changes.  I can say 100% of my family members and close friends were positive and encouraging,  but the same wasn’t true with a few co-workers.  I had one tell me not to loose too much weight because it would make me look older.  I had another criticize me for not having a piece of cake at an office celebration.  All the  comments both positive and negative were a reminder that even when I couldn’t see the changes, others could.
When you’re ready, make an investment in you, it will make you a happier, healthier person.”

Rachel with weights

Rachel’s Program Choice: Hitch Fit Online Personal Training – 16 Week Weight Loss Plan – Lose Weight Feel Great

Program Choice: Bridal Boot Camp
Online Bridal Boot Camp Plans - Get In Shape for the Wedding

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