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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Minding Your Business! Fund Your Sport Teams the Right Way

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By: Casey Evertsen
Every sports team out there could use some extra money in their account. Most sports teams would like to buy cool uniforms, get better practice materials, and improved training equipment. Depending on the sport, equipment is going to vary in cost so it is important to know how much money you will need in order to get everything taken care of. Most sports teams in high school, and club teams in college, rely on sports fundraising in order to get the extra money to pay for all of their gear. Even local youth sports teams do the same thing. If you are looking for sports fundraising ideas then you might try selling a discount card.

A sports fundraising discount card can be a great way to generate some extra cash. Most people associate high school football teams with going out door to door to sell sports fundraising discount cards, but the truth is that any team or group can do the same thing. All it takes is some local merchants and retailers to offer some discounts to people that purchase the sports fundraising card. Once these companies and sponsors have been set up then it is up to the team to sell this sports fundraising idea to the community.

Pricing is another big issue when doing sports fundraising. You will want to make sure that the discount card is affordable but that you also get a big enough cut to make it worth all of the extra effort. Typically, this type of sports fundraising idea includes the card being sold for around $10. This can actually turn out to be a really good deal, as long as there are a lot of discounts and that the card can be used multiple times. Take all this into consideration when deciding on this sports fundraising idea.

The next major obstacle you will have to overcome when using this sports fundraising idea is creating a sales force. While most of the kids on your teams will probably be outgoing enough to talk to friends and family about it, the only way to really make money off of this sports fundraising is to get it in the hands of neighbors and other people in the community. You might come up with a simple sports fundraising sales script that the kids can follow so that they know exactly what to say when they go to the door of someone they don't already know. Sports fundraising is always more effective when there is this kind of planning and preparation involved. If the kids feel comfortable with selling this sports fundraising idea then you are likely to sell a lot more.

Last of all, if your discount card sports fundraising doesn't work out the way that you had hoped then don't be afraid to try something new. Selling products is always going to be on the menu when it comes to sports fundraising but as long as you have something new and of high quality, then you won't have a hard time selling it. The important thing about this method of sports fundraising is to make sure that you can get into contact with as many people as possible. 

Casey Evertsen is the creator of The Spirit Sleeve in Logan, Utah. A division of Lin Manufacturing, Spirit Sleeve is a fundraising idea that helps students show their school spirit while helping raise funds for school programs.

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