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Monday, August 11, 2014

(Embarrassing) her pants fell off

Recently I did a little fat loss experiment with a few of my clients and something REALLY EMBARISSING happened to one of them.

She was using both hands to carry a hot casserole dish to her car when she felt her jeans begin to slip off.

Since both of her hands were holding the heavy casserole dish, all she could do was hope to make it to her car before her pants fell off.

Whelp, she DIDN'T make it and had to waddle to her car the last five feet with her pants around her ankles before she could set the hot dish down and pull them back up.

Luckily, no one saw.


She was a "victim" of the rapid fat loss workout I recently developed.

It's called the "16 Day Sexy Slim down."

The way it works is you do 3-5 high intensity boot camp style workouts and follow some very LOOSE but EFFECTIVE eating guidelines for 16 days.

You can expect to lose 8-12 LBS and up to two pants sizes.

The 16 Day Sexy Slim Down starts next Monday 08/11/2014

Just click here and sign up to get your program

Oh, and the best part is that Its FREE to start for up to 30 days then its only about 66 cents per day

Fair warning though, you can expect to lose up to two pants sizes so don't get caught carrying a hot casserole dish - loose pants have been known to fall off :)

- I only have about 20 spots so if you want "in" on the 16 Day Sexy Slim Down, click here to reserve your spot

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