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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

build tactical muscle like the REAL superheroes do

From our trainer Coach Joe:

Today I have a true story about a couple of real-life superheroes.
You probably know the story by now; however, there's a "hidden"
lesson that most folks overlook.
I'll reveal this important lesson in a few minutes.

On June 27th, 2005 Marcus Luttrell, Danny Dietz, Michael Murphy,
and Matthew Axelson, all SEALs, roped out of a helicopter into the
rugged terrain of Afghanistan to take out their target.
Luttrell initially had worries about the terrain and lack of cover
that later proved true. The four SEALs quickly realized they were
getting into any sniper's worst nightmare, difficult terrain with
no cover of any kind, so they had to backtrack and try to find
better routes and hides.
After being dug in for quite sometime, a trio of goat
herders stumble upon the SEALS, causing a difficult moral and
tactical decision. They knew if they let the three of them go they
would more than likely notify Taliban members in the area.
If they killed them there would be moral issues to deal with.
But no matter what they decided, they would be criticized by the
liberal media.

The SEALs knew it wouldn't matter whether it was the correct
tactical decision, and that by letting them go, they may be causing
their own deaths. After a lengthy discussion and tense vote, they
decided to let the herders go.

It didn't take long to pay the price for this decision.

Taliban fighters began arriving on the top of the hill above the
SEALs, searching for them. The SEALs were greatly outnumbered and,
once the firing started, they truly had no reprieve as the Taliban
fighters continuously rained down gunfire and RPGs from their
superior position. Luttrell and his men had to repeatedly provide
cover fire, retreat, and try to protect their flanks.

The SEALs amazingly held their own for quite some time, but with so
much lead coming down at them it was only a matter of time before
they began taking hits. With unbelievable courage and valor, they
would take hits, yet continue blasting away at the enemy.
Even with repetitive mortal wounds these badasses would strategically
pick their targets and fire away. However, the human body can only
take so much damage before shutting down and for Danny, Michael
(Mikey), and Matthew (Axe) that point was reached, leaving Marcus
Luttrell on his own...

What happens next is absolutely unbelievable.

I suggest you read the book, Lone Survivor, to find out the true

The underlying "hidden" theme of the book is how well these men are
conditioned--both physically and mentally.
How well they can suck up punishment and stay in the fight.
And it's no surprise when you understand how hard they train.
These elite tactical athletes have the know-how to do their
tactical workouts anyplace, anytime with little more than their own

Now it's your turn...

This revolutionary tactical strength and conditioning program
provides a simple bodyweight-training blueprint to help you gain
strength, boost power, and rebuild your body.
You don't want to miss this.

Train hard and stay safe,

Coach Joe

Joseph Arangio
Tactical Workouts for Military and Law Enforcement

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