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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Paradox: What kills may also cure

This Bug's Deadly Venom
May Help Save Lives

Regular readers of Cancer Defeated know our goal is to give information on natural remedies that can replace or complement conventional medicine's 'slash and burn' surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation.
I've recently come across an unusual supplement that's being touted as a 'natural chemotherapy.' But unlike conventional chemo, this remedy has no side effects, and patients feel better when they're on it.
In fact, pain relief seems to be the clearest, best-established effect of this substance. In one trial it was more effective than a powerful prescription pain killer. And if the studies hold up, it not only kills pain, but cancer cells, too!
Here's what we were able to find. . .
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It's called Escozine, and this all-natural product contains serum that comes from the venom of the Caribbean blue scorpion, a relative of the spider. This species of scorpion, found in the Dominican Republic, grows to several inches in length, and its venom is described as "moderate". (I wouldn't want to find out exactly what that means.)
A chemical in the bite of this creature has the power to heal as well as wound.
Scientists have discovered a peptide in its venom called chlorotoxin. The same chemical that paralyzes the scorpion's prey also happens to target and destroy cancer cells.
The Medolife company markets its Escozine product through companies operating in the U.S. and the Dominican Republic. They are in clinical trials and apparently aim to get FDA approval. The company reports that the product has:
  • 89.5 percent success rate in clinical trials
  • No side effects or toxicity
  • Approval and certification for oncological treatments
A cancer survivor named Peggy, posting on the Cancer Survivor Network page of the American Cancer Society, said, "I am still alive today because of Escozine. I have or had stage four metastatic Her2 positive breast cancer. I underwent two rounds of chemo and eight weeks of radiation. . .I had a double mastectomy and everything removed that could possibly get cancer. It finally was in my liver and both lungs when the doctor said I had two months to live. I started Escozine and eight weeks later my CAT scan showed the cancer retreating. I am now 18 months later and no detectable cancer."
That's a remarkable story, but don't get carried away. It often happens that late stage cancer patients go into complete remission if they stumble on just the right treatment for them. But unfortunately, the same treatment may not be as effective for others.
The evidence I've seen so far does not suggest that most users will experience as big a miracle Peggy did (how I wish – and pray!) But the anecdotal evidence paired with the scientific studies suggest that Escozine is worth a second look. It could put a sting on cancer cells!
So how does scorpion venom help cancer patients manage their disease?
A potent painkiller and inflammation fighter
For starters, the serum used in Escozine appears to be a natural pain killer. In one study, groups of mice were either given: a) different amounts of blue scorpion serum, b) a powerful, pain killer called Paracetamol or c) neither substance (a control group).
Compared to the control group, animals that took Paracetamol showed 47% less pain.
However, those given high concentrations of blue scorpion serum exhibited 55% less pain than those that were not given any pain killers!
In another study of mice with artificially induced inflammation, scientists gave one group an anti-inflammatory drug called Dexamet. A second group received Escozine and a third group got no medication.
The group that received blue scorpion serum had up to 38 percent less inflammation than the control group.
Medolife provides these study results as proof that Escozine can be used as a complement to traditional cancer therapies to help ease some of its side effects.
But they're really excited about the studies that show…
Escozine attacks cancer cells with a vengeance!
More than 15 years of research show that thousands of people suffering different types of cancer and immune system disease have experienced significant relief from the Escozine serum.
For example, one pre-clinical trial conducted by Medolife involved testing on abnormal cells from four types of malignancies.
Investigators placed these damaged cells in test tubes and exposed them to blue scorpion serum.
In the case of all four malignancies, the number of abnormal cells decreased after being exposed to the venom. Remarkably, one group of cells decreased by 60 percent after one week of exposure. It will take testing in live subjects to confirm these results found in lab cultures.
Another eight-year open-label clinical study conducted at the University of California in San Diego involved 8,302 cancer patients with a variety of cancers in various stages of severity. Nine out of ten (89.5%) showed an improvement in the quality of life after using Escozine.
Essentially, these scientific studies have shown that Escozine's health benefits include its ability to:
  • Work cooperatively with cancer treatments to improve the body's immune system, thus enhancing its ability to fight against malignancies and cellular abnormalities.
  • Quickly reduce pain and inflammation to increase comfort, improve range of motion and increase the quality of life.
  • Starve malignant cells, depriving them of nutrition and energy needed to grow and wreak havoc on your body.
  • Replenish minerals and vitamins lost during cancer treatments, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, manganese, iron, zinc, copper, aluminum, selenium and more to keep your body running in optimal condition
  • Improve T-cell response—that is, your body's natural mechanism for killing abnormal malignant cells.
It's one thing to read scientific data and analyses. But it's something else altogether to hear from folks who have used a product.
Grateful users sing its praises!
Here are comments from some patients who used the supplement while undergoing cancer treatment:
  • Russian patient E.R., undergoing treatment for cervical cancer, had this to say about her use of Escozine: "In four days, I noticed the pain was greatly reduced."
  • Colorado, USA patient B.A, diagnosed with brain tumor cancer, exclaimed: "After I took Escozine with my chemotherapy, the side effects completely disappeared."
  • Kansas, USA patient and breast cancer survivor P.H. stated that Escozine has "more potential for healing than any other medicine offered by my oncologist."
 It's wonderful to learn a natural substance not only relieves pain, but, at least in some cases, totally cures cancer – AND is backed by a company that might gain mainstream approval of the treatment.

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