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Thursday, June 5, 2014

A blast of cold can cure cancer – or a hangover

Look Younger, Burn Calories, 
 Prevent Cancer
by Freezing Your Pants Off

When most people think of a sauna, they think of hot, sweat-inducing temperatures. But a cryosauna has the opposite effect: It briefly freezes your body with extreme blasts of cold.
The thought might make you shudder … or shiver … but as it turns out, frigid blasts of cold can be good for your health – and in a big way. In fact, it appears cryosaunas may even be useful in preventing and treating cancer. Here's the scoop on this unusual treatment. . .
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Alzheimer's Symptoms Vanish with One Pill?
Here is Mary's story about her father who suffered from Alzheimer's disease.
Symptoms were confusion, aggression, massive behavioral changes and memory loss.
On the advice of a doctor of "alternative" medicine, she gave her father one single tiny 1/16 of an inch tablet, which he dissolved under his tongue.
What happened next took Mary and her father's doctor by surprise...
When he went for his next checkup with his usual doctor, a conventional MD, the doctor was amazed…he found his former Alzheimer's patient reading Time magazine and commenting on minivan recalls.
As Mary said, "The treatment was easy and noninvasive with no elaborate regimes to follow. It's just a few hours of our time and one little tablet taken one time."
And the entire treatment came to less than $100.
Click here to watch the video that reveals this latest health phenomenon and gives you the details on this "hidden" health breakthrough.

Freeze out a hangover and burn calories – at the same time!
You're probably familiar already with the idea behind cryotherapy, which is the application of cold temperatures to the body. You may have used it yourself, as just about everyone has applied an ice pack to a bump or bruise at one time or another.
Cryosauna therapy builds on this principle but is much more efficient than the average ice pack, or even a cold bath. The typical cryosauna is a pod-like tube which you step inside of wearing only underwear. Then, a moveable floor lifts you up until your head pokes out at the top. From there, the padded chamber fills with bursts of sub-zero nitrogen for two-and-a-half minutes, since it only takes that long to significantly cool down your blood.
The nontoxic liquid nitrogen ranges in temperature between -220 and
-300 degrees Fahrenheit. It brings your skin temperature down to freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit). There's no apparent risk of frostbite because the air is dry and you don't stay in the chamber long enough.
While in the pod, your skin temperature drops so fast, your body thinks it's in a state of hypothermia. Because of that, blood drains out of your extremities and into your core -- the body's natural response to keep you alive by saving your vital organs. This reaction to hypothermia nitrifies and oxidizes your blood before it's released back into the rest of your body. When you step out of the machine, blood rushes back to your arms and legs. The process actually elevates your red blood cell count as part of a natural defense mechanism.
The detoxifying effects are so significant that a single session in a cryosauna can supposedly cure a hangover. Other benefits are numerous. They include decreased muscle soreness, reduced inflammation, relief of stress, and improved energy. Plus, cryotherapy helps to detoxify your body and strengthens your immune system. You can also burn between 600 and 800 calories in a single session.
Why your blood gets better
with blasts of cold
Integrative Health in Scottsdale, Arizona, is one of the few places where you can get this treatment. According to the team there, subjecting your body to refrigerator-like conditions for a short time jolts your immune system. This jolt sends messages to each of your organs and then promotes healing of anything it finds wrong.
Your body effectively goes into survival mode when it rushes all the blood to your core. In the process, your blood picks up extra enzymes and nutrients normally held in storage-mode by your body.
The goal is for the nitrogen to cool down your body and reduce any inflammation or pain you're experiencing. Plus, your blood becomes enriched with oxygen, enzymes, and nutrients. And healthy, well-oxygenated blood improves your overall health. That's why this treatment is helpful for anyone battling a major disease like cancer.
Successive treatments lead to an increased hemoglobin count, and your blood becomes enriched in quality. The resulting strong, rich, blood flow helps eliminate many health problems. Extreme cold also helps your body eliminate dead cells through the lymph system. This is important, because otherwise the dead cells make your body systems sluggish.
Over the years we've talked to several alternative cancer doctors who emphasize the importance of moving the lymph, the fluid produced by a body system that collects waste and dead pathogens but, unlike the system for blood circulation, does not pump them out and eliminate them. You have to move the lymph – by exercise, undergoing massage or by stepping up blood circulation through alternate extremes of hot and cold.
Cryotherapy is useful in the fight against cancer because it helps you:
  • Detoxify
  • Repair damaged tissues
  • Improve immune function
  • Reduce markers of the inflammatory response
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Diminish swelling
  • Boost circulation
Cryosauna treatments differ from another standard cancer treatment called cryotherapy that also involves extreme cold. In cryotherapy, a doctor exposes cancer cells to freezing temperatures created by liquid nitrogen. This is often done with skin cancer: The liquid nitrogen, sprayed right on the lesions, freezes the cancerous area. Then a scab forms after the area thaws. As time passes, the scab falls off and the dead cancer cells depart along with it. The procedure is sometimes repeated multiple times.
Cryotherapy has also been used successfully for prostate cancer and cervical cancer. For internal cancers such as kidney cancer or lung cancer, a cryoprobe may be put through your skin after you receive a general or local anesthetic.
This approach appears to do a good job of killing cancer cells in the treatment area, though more information is needed to determine whether it stops cancer from returning.
Better health in just 30 days!
Cryosauna treatments are already popular with athletes, and especially those who suffer joint pain. Even pop culture's favorite doctor, Dr. Oz, devoted a segment on his show to cryosaunas. He pointed out cold therapy is extremely helpful for anyone with debilitating pain and inflammation because it shrinks the blood vessels that lead to the pain. It also affects the nerves and keeps them from sensing pain.
Cryosaunas have been used in Europe for many years, but have only recently started surfacing in America. Treatments cost roughly $75-$100 each. Many facilities recommend five to 10 treatments separated by no more than two or three days. It's not something you want to try if you're allergic to the cold or have hypertension. If you've been diagnosed with cancer it's something you'll want to let your doctor know about.

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