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Thursday, September 12, 2013

US Sports Strength and Conditioning's Ice Hockey Programs Now Available for Download

Ice Hockey

The Competitive Ice Hockey programs were developed to help with the specific strength and muscular endurance needs of a hockey player. Hockey players also need a program that will help guard them against injuries. In addition to the strength training exercises there are specific plyometric exercises that will help with groin and lateral hip strength. It would be ideal to choose the Ice Hockey Program that has Power Cleans and the other Olympic exercises, but many may be unfamiliar with these exercises. For this reason, they have been removed in the "no Power Cleans" program. Check out the exercise videos to learn about the power clean and power snatch exercises, if interested. Once ready for these explosive exercises just switch the program over!

Throughout the length of the Ice Hockey programs, the manipulation of the sets and repetitions for each exercise will be based on periodization concepts that involve changing the intensity and the volume of the workouts.

The starting point of the workout is based on an initial fitness level. With feedback, the actual progression of the program will follow the body's unique adaptation process to exercise. Fine tune the program to include all the exercises that feel the best!

Take a look at a sample of this program:
Week 1 - Day 4 (Sunday) of Your ProgramWeek Difficulty: Medium
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Click on an Exercise Name to view a description of that exercise
SelectExercise NameSet and Rep Combinations
Warmup and Stretch
8 minutes 
Power Clean
5 reps @ 165 lbs,4 reps @ 195 lbs,
3 reps @ 230 lbs,1 reps @ 260 lbs,
1 reps @ 280 lbs,4 reps @ 260 lbs,
5 reps @ 245 lbs,4 reps @ 215 lbs 
Front Squat
10 reps @ 165 lbs,5 reps @ 195 lbs,
8 reps @ 230 lbs,10 reps @ 215 lbs 
Side to Side Single Leg Line Hops
12 reps,8 reps,
8 reps 
Alternate Leg Bounding (Speed Skaters)
12 reps,8 reps,
8 reps 
Barbell Close Grip Bent Over Row
10 reps @ 135 lbs,10 reps @ 135 lbs 
Stretch Deadlifts
10 reps @ 175 lbs,10 reps @ 175 lbs 
Dumbbell Shrug
12 reps @ 85 lbs,8 reps @ 95 lbs,
8 reps @ 90 lbs  ............
Select a Program and then Choose: "US Sports Sports Online Strength & Conditioning"
A totally interactive, program that progresses and changes with you for only $9.99 per month!

4 Day Competitive Ice Hockey Progam4 Day Competitive Ice Hockey Progam - no Power Cleans

If you want to be ready to play great, you are going to need a Great Plan

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