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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Custom Strength and Power Programs Can Apply To Any Sport Or Fitness Goal

From US Sports Strength and Conditioning

Custom Strength and Power Programs

These are a group of Custom Strength and Power Programs with some great additions and variations to the original Strength and Power Programs.

The programs with the word "Olympic" in the title will have the Olympic lifts (power clean, snatch etc) added in. The programs with "Advanced" in the title will use something called "phase jumping". Phase jumping means it includes a set that calls for one rep at an intensity level that is 5-10% higher than the work sets. This set has been added at the end of the descending warmup for the "bigger" or primary strength exercises like squat, power clean, bench etc. The set combinations for these exercises appear rather long, but usually half of them are actually warmup based! These phase jumping sets allow the body to neurally adapt to the training poundages that will be experienced in the next phase of training in the workout.

Included as one of these Custome Programs is an ACL "Functional" Rehab Program that is designed to bring strength levels back up over a 12 week time period. This ACL Rehab Program should not be done unless full range of motion exists in the knee joint, and physician clearence has occurred.

Select a Program

6 Day Advanced with Olympics
View a Sample Workout of this Program
6 Day S & P with More Biceps EXPRESS!
6 Day with More Bicep Work6 Day S&P Machine Upper Body Oriented
Here's a sample:
Week 2 - Day 2 (Wednesday) of Your ProgramWeek Difficulty: Hard
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Click on an Exercise Name to view a description of that exercise
SelectExercise NameSet and Rep Combinations
Warmup and Stretch
8 minutes 
Power Snatch Overhead Squat
5 reps @ 125 lbs,4 reps @ 150 lbs,
3 reps @ 175 lbs,3 reps @ 175 lbs 
10 reps @ 240 lbs,5 reps @ 290 lbs,
3 reps @ 340 lbs,2 reps @ 385 lbs,
1 reps @ 410 lbs,6 reps @ 385 lbs,
6 reps @ 385 lbs,6 reps @ 385 lbs,
8 reps @ 290 lbs 
Dumbbell Step Up
5 reps @ 45 lbs,6 reps @ 60 lbs,
6 reps @ 60 lbs,7 reps @ 55 lbs 
Machine Leg Extensions
10 reps @ 175 lbs,8 reps @ 185 lbs,
8 reps @ 175 lbs 
Machine Leg Curl
10 reps @ 145 lbs,8 reps @ 155 lbs,
8 reps @ 145 lbs 
Stretch Deadlifts
10 reps @ 175 lbs,8 reps @ 185 lbs,
8 reps @ 175 lbs  ...... See More
Get the full 12 week Program Here

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