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Monday, September 14, 2020

World Changers Church Featuring: Sunday Service and End Times And The Return Of Christ Vs. Rebuilding The Temple And The Antichrist

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End Times And The Return Of Christ Vs. Rebuilding The Temple And The Antichrist

  • Author Roger Himes

Paul says more than once that we think naturally, not spiritually: we think worldly not heavenly. John talks about being in love with this world " which blocks us knowing the love of God (I John 2:15). Jesus said that his Kingdom was not of this world, but we keep trying to change his mind and get him to make this world top priority so we can kick heathen butt and rule with him in the Millenium. This is exactly what the ancient Jews were looking for (Acts 1:6). We haven't changed in 2,000 years.

USA: This Is God's Country " God and Country

We also keep trying to see the U.S. in end time prophecy. I've seen some people stretch this so far as to see 'USA' in the middle of the word Jerusalem: JerUSAlem. We believe that God originally called this nation into being, just as he did ancient Israel, so we think we're a spiritual first-cousin to Israel.

Rebuild the Temple and the Antichrist vs. Spirituality

Of course, all eyes are on Jerusalem and what's happening between Israel and Iran, and other nations. All of this takes our thoughts off truly relating to God, and living his spiritual kingdom on earth.

Israel Is In the Spotlight

Today, all eyes are instead on Israel. We are not preoccupied with God, but with Israel. There was no Israel until 1948. There was no land to consider looking at. But for the past 64 years, all we can think and talk about is Israel and the End Times " possibly 2012 being the end of the world.

Every generation since the days of Jesus has thought that their generation was the one that would see the end times " the end of the world " the return of Christ. Every generation has been wrong.

Like everyone else, I hope this is true. I'd love to see the return of Jesus. But the faith Jesus wants to see in me is the faith of him and me as one being, and me living in faith generated by the Holy Spirit (John 14:9-11, 15-21, 17:21-23). The faith he wants in me is me showing forth his presence, and of me living life now, and in expectancy of heaven. As The Gospel Coach, I know this is the faith the gospel calls us to " not faith in a country in the Middle East called Israel (II Tim 1:10).

The Gospel and the New Testament

It's really hard to stay focused spiritually when we've got so much worldly and end time stuff going on. Most Christians think the Bible is in three parts: (1) the Old Testament, (2) the New Testament, (3) the future end times. Parts one and two are past, and now it's all about Revelation and the end times. I see this as thinking that can be very spiritually defeating.

The Return of Christ

As The Gospel Coach, my job is to keep us focused on spiritual reality now, and not so much speculation about the future. Of course the future is important. Jesus is coming back the same way he left (Acts 1:11). But let's not lose touch with reality, climb up and camp out on our roofs, and watch for it to happen. Jesus said no man knows the day or the hour. Yet we try to figure it out. Every generation does. I'll say it again: my favorite was '88 reasons Jesus is coming back in 1988.'

Why Do We Always Seek Something Physical?

We walk by sight, not by faith " the opposite of what God says to do. Doubting Thomas said, "Show me and I'll believe " let me touch your wounds and then I'll believe." We are like a bunch of unbelievers in the way we relate to God. Many Christians think we will be judged for our sin in heaven. But Jesus came to do away with sin, and to become sin for us (Heb 9:26, II Cor 5:21). We won't be judged for our sin, but for our unbelief in the gospel of the finished work of Jesus (John 12:47-48, Rom 2:16).

Like Jesus, Does Satan Crucify Us Between Two Thieves?

There are two main ways that Satan keeps us captive and in his snare today, and most of us don't see it. FIRST, he keeps us living by the Old Testament law, that Paul says in Galatians we are cursed for doing, because Jesus came to redeem us from it. SECOND, he keeps us living with our eyes totally focused on the future (and on what's happening in Israel). Both of these keep us from living in God's Kingdom, and gospel abundant life that Jesus came to bring us (John 10:10).

Must Israel and America Be Free To Be Used of God?

Israel is a free nation today, but does it have to be to accomplish God's purposes? Wasn't she in slavery to Rome when she brought the Messiah? Has God given Israel all the land he promised to give her? Does the Bible predict Israel becoming a free nation again in 1948, or was that simply the work of America and the United Nations? We often read the scripture with blinders on. My coming E-book, End Times, will show how we miss so much in our deductive thinking and logic. We see through a glass dimly.

Does America have to remain a free nation for us to be used by God in the end times? Or is someone going to repossess this country because we are bankrupt? Don't forget our founding fathers predicted the demise of America if we didn't hold to their original plans.

Only God has the answers, and the only way he reveals them is by seeking his SPIRITUAL kingdom, and his righteousness (Matt 6:33). We miss so many things because we are so future minded that we wouldn't see Jesus if he was standing next to us on our rooftop looking up. But then, he's not there. He's down on the street.

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