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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Tactical PE Video Lesson Do More Legit Pullups To Pull Yourself From Or To Danger

Hey there Athletes and Warriors!
Today we get to see a real-world illustration of why you and I must train for the unexpected. As a police, fire, military, or prepared citizen, you never know where you will have to run, hide, fight, climb, pull, or push so make sure your program is comprehensive. Let's learn more.........................

Part one: How to Do More Weighted Pullups
In this lesson, you’ll follow a ladder system to prep your muscles to handle the demands of pulling yourself up and over a wall while wearing your kit. Watch the entire learn-by-doing series here:

Part two: Bodycam Footage of Lufkin Officer Using Taser on Fleeing Robbery Suspect.
Lufkin, Texas — Clinton Polk, 54, an aggravated robbery parolee, was arrested Sunday after a woman reported that he stole her vehicle Sunday in the 500 block of Kiln Avenue. 
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30 Lifesaving Tools Every Law Enforcement Officer Should Have

The gear and equipment for a law enforcement officer varies from state to state. Some items are restricted in some states. These are recommended for different emergency situations and the agency the officer is working in. These are some necessary tools a law enforcement officer should have equipped, on hand, in his vehicle, his office or at home. Clothes are an essential part to keeping a person warm cool and agile on the job. Especially when it comes to different terrain and weather a law enforcement officer is stationed in. It may vary from states to state from warm summers cold wet winters and cool autumns or raining states seasons.
  1. Boots - Having a good pair of boots is more than ideal. It's important to keep in mind that the type of boot you choose will vary from what type of law enforcement job you do. If you are working in security or as a body guard, you may not need steel toe tactical boots - so go with comfortable, long lasting and waterproof Timberland boots. In other law enforcement fields, you have to be agile and quick on your feet. You may even need to kick down doors if you have to make a forced entry, defend yourself or chase down a suspects - so it's absolutely crucial that you invest in a good fitting comfortable pair of Tactical Boots.
  2. Tactical Jackets - On cold winter days and nights, you need to stay warm and without the extra weight to slow you down in case a situation arises. Tactical Jackets work by trapping heat inside the chambers on the fleece or winter jacket. There are multiple internal storage pockets to securely store necessary law enforcement items such as radio, pepper spray, handcuffs, taser, or other non-lethal equipment. 
  3. Law Enforcement Belt - A traditional brown or black leather belt is just not sufficient for the job when it comes to law enforcement. You want a modular belt that can hold the essential gear for protecting yourself, fellow citizens and your co-officers. These heavy-duty belts have many slots and pouches to keep your gloves, cell phone, keys, pepper spray, radio, walkie-talkie, handcuffs, baton and holsters for your pistol. This is a crucial item to law enforcement gear since it has a quick-release button to retrieve any necessary item required at the time of the emergency. Stay ahead of the crowd and protect yourself so you can protect citizens by getting a law enforcement belt.
  4. Tactical Gloves - To get mileage and distance for your hands, you need some protective hand gloves. In a situation where you may need to fire a weapon, having lightweight, flexible and durable gloves to keep your hands cool, dry and light may be a lifesaver to yourself and an innocent victim. This must have item in tactical gear has special built-in material that keeps moisture out of the gloves and outer coating that will give your hands a better grip on your baton or pistol.
  5. Tactical Vests - During any part of time on your job, you may need to quickly un-snap a pocket or sleeve to quickly release a magazine to reload your pistol and take out your maglite or flashlight to see better in the dark. A tactical vest is an excellent piece of gear for close quarter operations and has the pouches and straps to quickly draw your holster.
  6. Sunglasses - If you are going to patrol the streets on foot, in your patrol car, on horseback or bicycle, you need to have eye protective gear. Oakley sunglasses are made for world-class athletes and law enforcement officers to not limit their sight in any way. These sunglasses have interchangeable lenses, iridium coatings, and plutonite lenses that filter 100% of UV damaging rays from the sun along with high impact resistant lenses. Don't go for fake sunglasses, your eyes are your camera to see the world - protect them and your fellow citizens at all costs.
  7. Digital Camera - What if there's been a car accident, proof of a domestic violence case where there's blood on a gun, knife or blunt weapon? You want a small digital camera that can fit in your pocket, tactical belt or tactical vest. A digital photo from your camera or video captured on your device may solve a mystery case, track a serial killer's next move or side with an automobile accident driver in court.
  8. Maglites and Tactical Flashlights - Having a flashlight is like having another set of eyes with you. Especially if you meet scenarios or suspects in the dark, you need a flashout to plan your escape or capture plan. With a tactical flashlight, it is more lightweight and small to easily conceal in your pocket, nodular belt or vest. A maglite has more useful uses such as striking in self-defense with its solid heavy duty, or temporarily blind the person you are trying to arrest with its high intensity and illuminating beam. You'll have no trouble finding what you are looking for. These flashlights have a world-class built-in self-cleaning technology. What more could you ask for in a flashlight?
  9. Baton - Having a baton is a non-lethal self-defense weapon perfect to subdue a person who is out of control or violent. This is the most sought after tool if a riot breaks out and the call in the SWAT unit. Having a collapsible and autolock baton is perfect for any law enforcement officer. The item is small but effective in any self-defense situation.
  10. Pepper Spray / Mace - Having your finger on a quick release mace that produces a powerful stream up to 10 feet can protect you and others in dangerous situations. You can easily hide this and quip it when the an emergency arises. You can put this in your key-chain. This is an excellent non-lethal preventive weapon. Keep in mind that having pepper spray or mace ready to release from your tactical belt or vest is a good thing to have.
  11. Tactical Pen - Made out of pure aircraft aluminum, this heavy-duty bad boy can be carried in your pant or shirt pocket. This is a must have alternative to carrying a knife around. Not only does it write smooth but it can apply a substantial amount of force against an out of control person or animal - a tactical pen is your ideal tool.
  12. Taser or Stun Gun - Can apply a stun gun or taser up to millions of volts of electricity. These devices really pack a mean punch. The tool creates a ton of electrical force and an intimidating electrical sound. When a taser or a stun gun must be used, it will instantaneously disrupt the message to the brain and causing the person to seize up immediately.
  13. Law Enforcement Tool Kit - Cleaning your equipment, especially your sidearm pistol will keep everything clean, neat and working properly. The law enforcement tool kit is a great one to have.
  14. First Aid Kit - A complete and comprehensive first aid kit is a must have to prepare for an emergency. The kit has everything you need from cuts, burns, to washing open wounds. This is an important piece of item in case an innocent victim gets hurt in which you can prevent them from getting an infection from using your first aid kit.
  15. Law Enforcement Knife - Having a fine quality knife can not only be a life saver to yourself but to others you are trying to help. A law enforcement knife can help open locks, cut down barbed wire, chain fences and fend off intruders or defend yourself. You can easily keep this in your duty belt or vest.
  16. Handcuffs - A good pair of secure handcuffs will keep the criminal suspect you just arrested from being able to flee.
  17. Tactical Bag - If you need a heavy-duty bag to keep your arsenal and protective gear, get a tactical bag period. These solid built bags have large compartments to keep your personal belongings, shooting supplies, pistols and ammunition. Working in the field, a tactical bag is essential to carry things that are extra which won't fit into your duty belt or vest. The craftsmanship is world-class to keep you feeling confident in the field.
  18. Holster - Holsters can fit most small to medium pistols. With a quick release buckle and snap on straps, you can feel confident that you can reach for your sidearm in time, and feel comfortable in any situation in the field. Holsters are lightweight and effective. There are spare magazine slots that allow you to carry extra ammunition.
  19. Law Enforcement Scanners Having a law enforcement scanner can keep you ahead of the news when it comes to the weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, heavy rainstorms or blizzards. Using a law enforcement scanner, you can listen in onto the police and fire channels which also includes the frequency paramedics use for emergency radio contact.
  20. Speed Gun - Enforcing the traffic law violations using a speed gun is important in keeping highways and streets safe from speeds, drunk, careless and reckless drivers.
  21. GPS - Being a law enforcement officer has high demands and expectations in protecting your community and knowing the layout of your state, city and town. What if you receive a call that there's been a confrontation that escalated to a violent situation in a corner downtown? Who really knows every crevice of your city? When the time is crunching down and you have to get to an emergency situation fast, having a GPS will get you there that much quicker to save someone's life.
  22. Slapper - Like a billy club or baton, this small-sized personal defense slapper really packs a punch. There's a leather wrap for you to grip the slapper easily. It has an intimidating and fierce look to it and the blow it can deliver is fearsome.
  23. Caution Tape - If there's been an emergency, criminal scene or to warn local citizens to look out for danger, having a caution tape around the perimeter of the area is an excellent thing to have.
  24. Jumpstarter with Air Compressor - One of the worst things to happen is if you forget to turn off your lights and the car dies. Or the tires deflate suddenly. This is when you need a jump starter with a built-in air compressor. No longer will you ever worry about your car battery dying or changing your tires if you have a car jump starter.
  25. Ankle Holster - Having a shoulder or belt holster may not be suitable if you are in the field as a FBI, DEA or ATF agent. An ankle holster provides a comfortable fit to hold onto a small sidearm on your leg without risking the firearm being seen. An ankle holster allows you to easily reach for your protective weapon just by bending down and hitting the quick release strap.
  26. Laptop - A laptop or net book is something every law enforcement officer should have. It's important to stay up to date on the news, store photographs or information of a criminal suspect you have followed for months or having the most up to date security to prevent hackers and pedophiles from causing damage on the internet.
  27. Tactical Watch - Tactical watches are an excellent time piece to own that is water-resistant and rugged. This is one crime-fighting tool to stay ahead of the crowd.
  28. Rainjacket - When your on the force and in the field, you need to stay warm and dry to keep your health optimal.
  29. Police Officer's Bible - It's not easy being a law enforcement officer. There will be some in the community who will try to bring you down but mostly you will receive great respect from your community. There will be times where you may feel like you are about to break down or call it a day. Having a personal self motivational book can lift up your spirits and mood to keep going and bring a sense of prosperity and safety to your community.

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