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Saturday, September 12, 2020

The StrengthCast PowerShow: Featuring Your Best Shoulder Pump & Jungle Gym Cocktail Recipe | XTEND Mixology

We dive deep into shoulder training with our pals at BBcom and as many of you (adults) are not going out for socialization as much and even though we are all about fitness all of the time; we do understand responsible imbibing. Make your Jungle Gym Cocktail a little healthier with some help from Xtend.

Part one: We Stuck IFBB Pro Jeremy Dutra in the middle of nowhere and told him to create the best damn shoulder workout.
When we asked IFBB Pro and EVL sponsored athlete what kind of gym he needed, he told us, "Any gym works, I could use rocks." If you've seen other workouts by Jeremy Dutra, you know he's not one to stick to a rigid rep and set scheme. He is about to take you to school with a shoulder routine that will pump you up like no other.

Part two: Summertime calls for tough workouts and ample R&R. When you're ready to chill, skip the classic margarita and sip on this spicy, watermelon-inspired tequila cocktail.
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