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Monday, November 18, 2019

Health Ranger Report Health Ranger to release anti-cancer BREAKTHROUGH to the public and When Kids Get Cancer, What to Do About It

The Health Ranger is set to release a natural cancer medicine to the public, complete with instructions on how to make it yourself. "Structured nanoparticles" using botanically end-capped medicinal "payload" nanoparticles that target specific cancer cells and tumors in the body.

When Kids Get Cancer, What to Do About It
 By: Alan Wighton

The word cancer is a scary word and the last thing a parent wants to hear is their child has been diagnosed with the problem. It’s bad enough for an adult to be diagnosed with cancer but for one’s own child, it would have to be extremely distressing. There is a lot more to cancer than just removing growths and through knowledge, there are many ways that families can help a loved one.

In a recent report on childhood cancer, stated that the survival rate at present is approaching 75 percent where as a few years ago it was only one in ten. The report went on to say that they were hopeful that within 20 years they would have a 100 percent cure rate but that was possibly being a little optimistic.

Those statistics may sound good but all cancer statistics are measured only over a 5 year period so those figures are not necessary a cure. The report also stated that 60 percent of children who survive childhood cancer will ultimately develop at least one chronic and sometimes life-threatening health problem within 20 to 30 years after treatment.

What to do about it? While there is no miracle cure for any cancer and there never will be, there are ways to help overcome it. Like all cancers, there are reasons why it first appeared so there are many things parents can do to help a child. Learn about it, get involved and don’t believe everything your doctor says as doctors are only taught their three ways of treating it which is surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Most doctors are ignorant about any other ways that maybe beneficial.

In both young and old cancer is simply a disease of a weak immune system. It appears when the body’s immune system is not functioning properly. All body cells are regulated with respect to growth and interaction with other cells. Cancer occurs when our immune system has been weakened and looses control of natural cell division. When a child is born their immune system is not fully developed and this is why breast feeding is so important to a new born baby. It’s the key to help develop this system which is there to keep us healthy right through life.

A far better approach when someone is confronted with childhood cancer is to strengthen their immune system and the only way to do that is naturally. You do that with a strict diet of natural food or food that we are supposed to be eating instead of processed foods that’s mostly available in supermarkets now days. Remembered the rise in all cancers has paralleled the rise in popularity of supermarkets and that’s because of food that’s been processed for profit.

Children can make these important changes because they haven’t adopted bad habits that most adults have. With a parents help it will be easier for them to correct the reasons why the cancer first grew. Another important change you won’t be told about is the connection between cancer and refined sugar. It was discovered many years ago to be the natural fuel for cancer cells. They thrive on it. Also don’t substitute sugar for aspartame, the artificial sweetener which is in diet drinks as there’s a strong link between leukaemia and lymphoma and aspartame. Those two cancers are common in children.

It is very upsetting to see children go through our mainstream toxic treatments knowing that it weakens the immune system further. Those treatments are only attempting to remove the cancer itself, but the growths are only a symptom and not the problem. The definition of a symptom is something else is wrong and that something is a weakened immune system. It is this you must correct.

 Alan Wighton is an experienced natural therapist who has specialized in how the food we eat is related to our state of health.

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