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Monday, November 25, 2019

Dr. Eric Berg Featuring: The Minnesota Starvation Experiment

Is fasting the same thing as starvation?
 In this video, we’re going to talk about an interesting study that was done called the “Minnesota Starvation Experiment.”

The Minnesota Starvation Experiment was done in 1944 by Ancel Keys. Ancel Keys is the same man who fudged the data on a heart study in 1958, which has lead to false information on cholesterol causing heart disease. With the heart study, Ancel Keys omitted important data. 

 The Minnesota Starvation Experiment created severe nutritional deficiencies.

 After the Minnesota Starvation Experiment, the people:
• Were tired  
• Were irritable 
• Were bored 
• Were cold 
• Had low sex drive 
• Craved food 
• Stole food 
• Had a destroyed metabolism  

With healthy keto and intermittent fasting: 
 • Your energy goes up 
• Your mood is going to go up 
• Your libido is going to go up 
• You’re not going to crave food 
• Your hunger goes away 
 • Your metabolism is going to be fine 

The above is the unique distinction between a typical low-calorie semi-starvation diet and healthy keto with intermittent fasting. Many people who do intermittent fasting do not do healthy keto. This can cause many different health problems. 

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