Team Drills for Shooting and Decision Making for all ages - feat. Dr Dish

by Coach Liam Flynn


This video takes you through some of my favourite drills for teaching decision making on offence.  These drills I have used with both pro teams and youth teams over my career.

All the drills have defence included so that the offensive players can read when to pass, shoot or drive.  There are ten (10) different drills that build upon each other and progress from 2v1, to 3v2, then up to 3v3.  The three main offensive concepts that we focus on are 1) Attacking off the catch 2) Passing against the grain 3) Drive, Kick, Clear (DKC).

Every drill has opportunities for multiple players to get shots in the same repetition of the drill.  We have a Dr Dish machine in each drill; however, these drills can still be used without the machine by adding in another passing line.

If you are looking for drills to get a high volume of shots up AND teach decision making with your players, then this is the video to purchase! Book this course....

The Coach

§ International Experience - NBA Consultant, Coach in the German Bunderliga, Chinese CBA and New Zealand NZNBL
§ Six years of coaching experience in Australian First division (NBL)
§ Fifteen years of coaching experience in Australian Second Division
§ Twenty Years Coaching experience at Junior Elite Level in Australia
§ Masters in Sports Coaching (University of Queensland).
§ Coach Educator and Clinician
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