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Friday, November 22, 2019

BBcom Live Featuring: Staying Fit During the Holidays | Brain Gainz and Healthy Vegetarian Meals For the Holidays: No problem

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"Gaintaining" Through the Holidays 
1. If It Fits Your Macros 
• Diet strategy that allows for some flexibility 
 • Making sacrifices earlier in the day/week to allow for bigger gains later

 2. Thanksgiving meal 
 • Better Food Choices o Yams instead of mashed potatoes 
o White Meat instead of brown
 o Get your Veggies! 
o Use a smaller plate 
o Lots of water 
 • Track your Food 
 • Stay active day-of o Turkey day 5k o Family football game
 • At the end of the day, Thanksgiving is about being with family, and if that means going ham and downing 4000 calories, so be it. Make up for it with some good strategies later

Healthy Vegetarian Meals For the Holidays: No problem

By: Michael Balducci

One of reasons people start getting serious about their health come January 1st is not only to have a New Year’s resolution but to start setting goals to change their diet, get in shape or lose some weight. Usually people tend to eat more than normal during the holidays in the months of November and December. And if you are like most people….maybe some of the food choices are less than healthy – after all, how can you resist your mom’s baking? Between the feasting and drinking, it takes a toll on our bodies. And so goes the resolution.

Don’t feel as though you have to continue down this path. You can start a vegetarian lifestyle right now. Healthy vegetarian meals can help with this change and it is a perfect idea to help yourself or those you love. Finding ways to enjoy the holidays AND include vegetarian dinner recipes to your menu does not need to be stressful. The traditional holiday menus that we all love can be sprinkled with healthy choices.
Most people wait all year for enriching holiday moments and special celebrations with their families and friends. Don't let diet strain relationships and ruin holiday cheer. Here are some tips to become a master at creating familiar dishes that are sure to fit within your family's culture and traditions and will appeal to all taste buds.

• It is very easy to find vegetarian recipes for Thanksgiving for example – as vegetables are mainstays in many parts of this meal.

• Instead of your traditional turkey, you can enhance your guests with a herb roasted soy vegan chicken, served with your traditional vegetable side dishes

• For those that normally serve "beef" at your turkey dinner, try something like a Vegan Beef Wellington with a traditional salad to entice their taste buds

• Want to be warm and cozy, serve something like a Vegan Chicken Pot Pie, warm cranberry sauce and some mashed potatoes with a vegan gravy (yummy)

• A traditional chef prepared Meatloaf, ala vegan style, that would food the Queen of England

People want to be healthy, but they don’t want to give up the taste of traditional fare of meat at their holiday meals. Once you realize how easy it is to find vegetarian dinner recipes, you will feel joy in making and eating such healthy fare. You can show people they don’t have to give up anything; You will bring delight to the table and health to those you care for.

You can give the gift of health in the next few weeks and months to people who otherwise are engaging in un-healthy diets by sharing your healthy vegetarian meals with everyone at your next holiday! If you do not feel comfortable preparing vegetarian dinners or making vegan meal plans; no worries, you can order them online!

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