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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Jim Erwin's 10-minute bodyweight-only workout

Here is another great Tactical Workout Story from US Sports  Online Strength and Conditioning Trainer Coach Joe


Here is a quick note from Jim Erwin, a veteran of U.S. Special
Chances are you've probably seen his "Tactical Kitty" picture
floating around.
In case you missed it...

...apparently a real kitten wandered in the studio during a
tactical-gear photo shoot.
From: Jim Erwin
December 12 at 3:06pm

It always surprises me how many questions I get about the
workout plan I follow. Or what my eating schedule is like. But
mainly the questions are about my tactical strength and
conditioning program.

Most of the questions come from active military operators and law
enforcement guys who want to drop fat and add muscle. Many
workout-related questions come from future warriors who want to get
in fighting shape.

Truth is I love to lift heavy s**t. And sprint around until I see

Well, I'm no spring chicken (40+ years) so, for me, that kind of
randomized knucklehead training only leads to injury. And if you're
injured and can't train.... that's no good either.

So I smartened up and started structuring my workouts based on
stuff the old-school Soviet sport scientists we're teaching their
athletes during the Cold War.

Well, actually I hired a tactical strength and conditioning coach...
and he taught me some things that have helped me stay in the fight.
Nowadays I just follow his recommendations.

Listen to this Interrogation Interview I did with Coach Joe:

LISTEN == >> Jim Erwin Interrogation Interview

Here's a sample 10-minute bodyweight-only session, which is perfect
for when I'm traveling, in a hurry, and there's no gym:

(Perform 1A, 1B, 1C and then rest 60 seconds. Repeat for three
total sets)

1A. Single-leg box squat
3 x 15 reps

1B. Alternating -grip pullup
3 x 15

1C. Pushup with feet elevated
3 x 15

And then I do a bunch of metabolic work to get my heart and lungs

Once again this workout allows me to train anywhere with only my

I think you're going to LOVE this Interrogation Interview. Be sure
to leave a LIKE if this looks like something you'll attempt.

==>> Listen to this Interrogation Interview with Coach Joe



Train hard and stay safe,

Coach Joe

Joseph Arangio
Tactical Workouts for Military and Law Enforcement

5 F REE Videos: SECRETS for Building Tactical Muscle

Superhero Publishing, LLC
PO Box 187, Trexlertown, PA 18087, USA

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