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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Drug given to millions of kids linked to cancer

Medical Blunder Causes Cancer and Suicide… 

As of 2011, up to 6.4 million kids were thought to be using the ADHD drug Ritalin. Doctors hand it out like candy, for a “disease” whose very existence is doubtful. But adults are the fastest-growing new market segment. It's supposed to help them concentrate, or something.
Now cancer prevention expert, Dr. Samuel Epstein, suggests that there’snever any justification for prescribing it. He calls it medical malpractice.
And though cancer is a risk, it isn’t by any stretch the only risk. Here’s the full story. . .
Continued below…

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NOT “in your child’s best interests”
Behind the grim statistics of deaths, suicides, cancer, birth defects, and other serious adverse reactions are countless families whose lives have been ripped to shreds, never to be the same again.
Psychiatrists claim Ritalin (generic: methylphenidate) and similar drugs have been used safely for 50 years.
But when you realize the secret and dishonest ways they market mental therapies, you’ll quickly realize that psychiatrists are DEAD WRONG!
The drug industry is making a killing, while your loved ones’ lives and health hang in the balance. Don’t be deceived…
Hardly anyone knows about
these Ritalin cancer risks
Dr. Epstein claims the American Academy of Pediatrics ignores clear evidence of cancer risk as they continue to endorse mind-altering drugs.
Not surprisingly, it took 40 years for industry to “get around” to testing the drug for cancer. Finally in 1995, a study revealed that mice fed Ritalin over two years in dosages similar to kids’ prescriptions developed liver abnormalities and tumors – including the highly aggressive, rare form of cancer known as hepatoblastoma.
This is especially disturbing considering the studies were conducted on adult mice, presumably less sensitive to carcinogens.
A small but shocking 2005 study found that in just three months, every one of a dozen children treated with Ritalin had a three-fold increase in chromosomal abnormalities linked to increased cancer risk.
Researchers suppressed potential alarm by saying this doesn’t mean these kids are going to get cancer… just that it’s an additional risk factor, like smoking is. (Do you encourage your kids to smoke?)
Considering the millions of Americans using Ritalin and the rapidly escalating rate of childhood cancers, use of these drugs poses a serious risk.
Yet the doping of children and young adults goes on and the collateral damage is ignored.
Is someone you love being doped into submission?
Doping children with Ritalin is exceedingly common and intentional.
Americans are the most medicated folks in the world. Twenty-five percent of insured children and 30% of teens take at least one prescription drug for a chronic illness. And 90% of all Ritalin is consumed by Americans.
Is there something unique about Americans that we get ADD or ADHD? Of course not. It’s largely an invented medical problem. To the extent it actually exists at all, ADHD is a product of poor nutrition and defective child-rearing. I’ve heard it called “the disease that mainly affects fatherless boys.” How about that?
No drug is without potentially deadly side effects, Ritalin included.
Yet more and more are being duped into this con game.
It often starts with a parent-teacher conference…
Imagine your child exhibits the very essence of childlike behavior – wiggling, squirming, unfocused, impulsive. So his teacher suggests he should be seen by a doctor to find out if he has ADHD. Next thing you know, Ritalin’s a condition for remaining in school.
Ironically, this is fueled by educators with absolutely NO medical training…
But even if they did…
The absurdity is that the so-called illness of ADHD -- called a “chemical imbalance” by psychiatrists -- is bogus, totally unproven, and cannot be measured by any blood, urine, or saliva test. If it’s a chemical imbalance, then show us which chemical and develop a way to measure it.
Even conventional doctors and health committees admit ADHD might be nothing more than a way to arbitrarily and subjectively classify childlike behaviors.
Yet American schools perpetuate this drugging.
But there’s another gateway to Ritalin use and abuse…

Handed out like candy
and found almost everywhere

Sadly, because Ritalin is so widely prescribed, those who would like to get their hands on a cocaine-like drug have easy access.
Some 18-20% of students take Ritalin regularly. The Drug Enforcement Agency found that many schools have more Ritalin on hand than the local pharmacy.
So it’s very easy for a youngster to take some of his brother’s pills and sell them at $5 a pop. Or for a student who wants a quick fix to tell the school nurse he has a “study disorder” and can’t concentrate -- as a ploy to get a prescription and stock up for future use or sale.
Pressured college students and young professionals -- Pharma’s most promising new market -- demand the pills to help them “focus”.
And focus is what they get – temporarily. Followed by a “crash coma”. Of course, this crashed-out feeling can be relieved with another pill, and so on. Abuse demands stronger drugs to overcome the tolerance buildup.
More powerful than cocaine
Ritalin is so similar to cocaine it’s now dubbed kiddy cocaine.
Methylphenidate (the active ingredient) uses the same receptor site in your brain as cocaine and gives the same “high.” The two drugs are used interchangeably in medical research.
Ritalin is a Schedule 2 substance, meaning it has a “high potential for abuse” – along with cocaine, morphine, opium, and barbiturates. Concerta, Focalin, Methylin, Metadate, Adderall, and Dexedrine are chemically similar stimulants.
A study of 500 students over a 20-year period found that those who used amphetamine drugs are 12 times more likely to abuse heroin, 15 times more likely to use the recreational drug ecstasy, and 20 times more likely to use cocaine.
Other MAJOR side effects
the psychiatrist “forgot” to mention
The dangers of Ritalin are so far-reaching they could include almost anything.
Psychiatrists hardly ever mention the 105 adverse effects listed in theInternational Journal of Addictions – supported by published journal articles. Some have been known since 1975.
  • Addiction, including cravings for cocaine
  • Suicide and murder
  • Cancer
  • Permanent brain damage, mental retardation, depression
  • Seizures and Epilepsy
  • Sudden death from heart attack and stroke (Is this why so many teens drop dead while doing "normal" teen activities?)
  • Respiratory Problems
  • Hallucinations, hyper-excitability
  • Bizarre, erratic, or violent behavior
  • Panic and psychosis
  • Loss of appetite and weight loss
  • Disorientation, loss of coordination, confusion
  • Tremors
  • Stunted growth
  • Aggressiveness...
Still, the FDA keeps silent…
But don’t expect the FDA to clamp down on or outlaw them any time soon. It absolutely amazes me that so many people believe these government agencies are looking out for them and that the government checks out products before allowing them on the market.
Dr. Thomas Laughren, director of FDA’s psychiatry research, when quoted by HealthDay News, said:
"I think it’s important not to minimize the benefits of these drugs. We put a black box [a warning] on antidepressants for adolescents, but it did have an impact on prescribing and there’s been a lot of negative feedback from the clinical community. It’s important to recognize that something as dramatic as a black box can have a dramatic effect on prescribing. [Emphasis mine.] "
Oh, really? That’s what a black box warning is supposed to do.
Incidentally, by the admission of the manufacturer, Novartis, the purpose of Ritalin is to “mask” the symptoms of “over-activity” – not cure them.
If Ritalin really worked to improve school (or work) performance, there’d be abundant proof in the scientific literature. There isn’t. The number of well-designed studies of Ritalin enhancing long-term learning is a whopping ZERO! Considering the millions of kids on the drug, it would be a piece of cake to do a longitudinal (long-term) study of their grades and test scores compared to those of a control group of undrugged children.
The only problem would be finding enough hyperactive kids who haven’t been forced to take these drugs. I wonder if there are enough such kids left to even form the control group. 
You see, in the U.S., 20% of children are now diagnosed with the entirely fictitious “disease” of ADD or ADHD. Tellingly, in France it’s just one-half of one percent.
Treat the underlying causes of ADHD…
Skip drugs and do these 9 things instead
If you or your child isn’t already a victim of the Ritalin scam, here are some ways to stay out of trouble and off Ritalin. You may not agree with them all, but they’re all worthy of consideration.
  1. Have kids exercise before school – it’s one of the best remedies for fidgetiness. And depression. Studies have found it’s more effective than anti-depressants.
  2. If possible, consider non-public school educational alternatives. Public schools get extra federal money for every case of ADHD they “discover” – meaning your child or grandchild has dollar signs on his forehead and may be at risk.
  3. Increase vitamin C. Dr. Abram Hoffer, pioneer in orthomolecular medicine, found that large amounts of vitamin C significantly improved the behavior of 32 of 33 children diagnosed with ADHD.
  4. Maximize mineral balance. Dr. Bernard Rimland discovered that supplementing with B6 and magnesium was 10x more effective than Ritalin. And a Polish study found that 95% of those diagnosed with ADHD were deficient in magnesium.
  5. Avoid antibiotics, rethink vaccines. Take probiotics (especially people who have been through multiple courses of antibiotics.) Dr. Neil Ward’s study of 530 hyperactive children found those who had gone through several courses of antibiotics were more likely to be hyperactive, with mineral deficiencies perpetrated by medications.
  6. Flush out toxins. High toxicity can induce ADHD symptoms. Too much copper (linked to aggressive behavior in prison inmates) contributes to zinc deficiency – also a common deficiency in people diagnosed with ADHD.
  7. Allergies are a major ADHD trigger, especially gluten, dairy, and food additives. Georgetown University found that kids with ADHD were 7x more likely to have food allergies than other kids. And 56% of ADHD kids aged 7-10 tested positive for food allergies, compared to less than 8% of controls.

    A study found that 89% of ADHD kids reacted to food colorings, 72% to flavorings, 60% to MSG, 45% to synthetic additives, 50% to cows’ milk, 60% to chocolate, and 40% to oranges. Discover the allergies and nix them.
  8. Eat real food, and avoid sugar and processed foods. Blood sugar imbalances can also lead to ADHD, as can food colorings and other food additives.
  9. Set boundaries, impose discipline and a regular daily structure. This is what the French do, and many believe it’s why their ADHD rate is miniscule and America’s is obscene.
If someone you love is already on Ritalin or other amphetamines, seek professional help to avoid severe withdrawal symptoms.
Don’t fall victim to this outrageous scam
Ritalin use in the US has seen a staggering 180-fold increase since 1991. Because of this fraudulent “disease”, up to ten million Americans are being drugged.
With one out of five school children diagnosed with ADHD, teachers “recruiting” more victims, and young adults stepping in as the next fast-growing market sector, you MUST take steps to avoid damage to your loved ones.

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