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Saturday, December 4, 2021

The Nativity Story – A Movie that Lets You Open the Bible Once Again! And The Rock Almighty Shaker of Heaven and Earth. Kids Can Sure Tell the Christmas Story!

 -Author Tom Watson

A Journey way back to the most significant event in the world history as the greatest tale ever told is made alive in the epic drama - The Nativity Story. The Nativity Story is an inspiring story of immense faith and love that takes into account the painful journey of Mary and Joseph, a celestial pregnancy and the miraculous birth of Jesus. The Nativity Story is the only movie ever to premiere at the Vatican City. The Nativity Story is directed by Catherine Hardwicke and stars Keisha Castle-Hughes (as Mary) and Oscar Isaac (as Joseph) as well as Academy Award nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo (as Elizabeth). 

The writer Mike Rich has adopted the story from details regarding the birth of Jesus found in the Book of Matthew and the Book of Luke. A cinematic journey into the heart of history's one of the greatest story, The Nativity Story has rocked the silver screen for the first time in a major motion picture event. New Line Cinema's The Nativity Story chronicles the arduous journey of two people, Mary and Joseph, a miraculous pregnancy, and the history-defining birth of Jesus. The dramatic and compelling film traces the perilous journey of a young couple who must travel from their home in Nazareth to Bethlehem, Joseph's ancestral home, to register for a census ordered by King Herod. It is a journey of over 100 miles, through treacherous terrain, made much more difficult by the fact that Mary is nine months pregnant. The storyline starts with Nazareth and King Herod’s treachery on common people. Though the movie caries a biblical overtone throughout, but the real hero of this movie is Joseph, who, as played by Oscar Isaac, may be the most attractive embodiment of goodness and self-giving devotion that we have seen in a movie since Sean Astin played Sam in The Lord of the Rings. The trick to Isaac's performance is that he lets us see Joseph's darker side, even as he plays Joseph bravely keeping it under control. When a stranger meets Joseph and the pregnant Mary, and remarks that there is nothing like seeing your own face in the face of your child, the pained look on Joseph's face speaks volumes: he knows that with this child, at least, this is one aspect of fatherhood that he will never entertain. (Continued below)

The Rock Almighty Shaker of Heaven and Earth!
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Big Shout to Southland Church for the joy that only children can bring this time of year! - -

Yep I know it's tough to be joyous in this Christmas season of 2021, but please remember that God is bigger, stronger, faster, and better than any of the crapola going on this our little blue island home.

(Continued...) There are some factors that parents need to consider before watching this movie with the children together. The Nativity Story is rated PG for some violent content (e.g., Herod's soldiers kill the babies in Bethlehem; Jewish rebels are pursued by soldiers and later seen crucified). Although both the above-mentioned violent scenes are kept out of movie during theatrical screening. There are also two scenes of childbirth and one scene in which a baby boy is circumcised, and parents may need to give explanation to very young children why the people, who lived in Nazareth, had ostracized Mary and her family for her pregnancy. The film is probably too mature for preschoolers and young elementary school aged children, but should be suitable for ages 8 or and up.

Steven Isaac (Plugged In) says, "Straightforward. That's perhaps the best word to describe The Nativity Story. Sweet and respectful work, too. But never grand or ambitious, as fans of biblical epics might wish for. A few too many British-leaning accents, a few too few visual effects and a script that serves its purpose well but doesn't burst into colour onscreen all conspire to push the film into that 'just another Bible movie' category. … They almost succeed. But not quite." In the end we can conclude as The Nativity Story is almost a good movie to keep a copy of.

For Further Information Please visit The Nativity Story at Amazon.

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