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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Today's Live Streams and Breaking Sports News! Featuring The Las Vegas Raiders vs. Washington Football Team (Live Radio)


Las Vegas Raiders vs. Washington Football Team (Live Radio)

12/5/21 3:30:00 PM


Triphasic Training Peaking Method

by Cal Dietz
Triphasic Training Peaking Method


The purpose of this manual is to prepare the athlete for their sport by performing high-velocity, sport-specific movements.  These exercises, and the way in which they are performed, are designed to utilize the enhanced qualities of dynamic movement.  These methods are the result of years of attempting to create an all-encompassing, methodical approach to physical training intended to prepare an athlete for the rigors of sport.  In this text, you will be provided with example programs, mesocycles, and macrocycles so that you may not only implement the system but understand the how and the why as well.  This manual was created solely to share these methods and to inspire questions within the coaching community so that we may continue developing as professionals for the betterment of our athletes. Book this course......

The Coach

Cal Dietz

Strength and Human Performance Coach, Sport Science Consultant

Cal Dietz has been an Olympic Sports Strength and Conditioning coach for numerous sports at the University of Minnesota since 2000. During his tenure, Dietz has trained athletes that have achieved 540+ All-American honors, 10 NCAA Team National Champions, Teams that have won 34 Big Ten/WCHA championships teams, 29 Big Ten/WCHA Conference tournaments, 22 NCAA Final Four appearances, He has consulted with Olympic and World Champions in various sports and professional athletes in the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, MMA and Professional Boxing. Book tis course today!

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