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Saturday, March 30, 2019

iHealthTube Featuring: What You Need to Know About the Pill!

Dr. Felice Gersh gives a comprehensive look at birth control and specifically things like the pill and others that alter hormone levels. Find out what kinds of things these pills and others can lead to and what they are doing inside the body when used over a number of years! [Video below]

Womens health is the most important consideration when deciding on female contraception
By: Alan Wulz

Family planning is an important part of every woman's life. Choosing the proper female contraception is the most important part of this consideration. Finding a contraception that does not cause serious side effects is important for all women. A womens health should not be put at risk because of birth control.

If you feel that you are finished having children there are many types of permanent contraception that are readily available. These types of contraception include blocking or tying of the fallopian tubes called sterilisation. This process is usually done in a hospital or clinic setting. The physician can now do this in a minimally invasive procedure. There are still some risks involved in this family planning permanent female contraception procedure.

Although family planning is usually done through female contraception, another option is through male sterilisation. The process of male sterilisation is often an easier process than for the females. The procedure is often done in a simple outpatient setting and the recovery, although sometimes painful, is usually fast.

Both male and female sterilisation is considered permanent. Careful consideration of the permanency of the procedure should be considered before it is undertaken. Although there are sometimes successful reversals of sterilisation, this is rare. The reversal procedure is expensive and requires a more invasive procedure.

Using oral contraceptives is one of the most common forms of female contraception used all over the world. When choosing a type of medication the woman's health should be considered. Some forms of oral contraception have side effects that can be bothersome for many women. The most common side effects for older women who take oral birth control, is bloating and weight gain. The pill should be considered dangerous for those who smoke are over 35 or have other health risks. Only a doctor can decide if this form of birth control is right for each woman.

There are other forms of birth control to be considered. These include the intrauterine device and the diaphragm. Both of these can be dispensed by your health care professional. An intrauterine device is placed in your uterus and prevents implantation. This is done by tricking the body into thinking it is already pregnant. Side effects include cramping and risk of infection. The diaphragm is an older type of birth control and is fitted to your body. The device is placed in the vagina, usually with an anti-sperm medication before having sex.

Other types of birth control for family planning are available. There are new oral medications that prevent ovulation and prevent monthly menses that are now available. Exploring all of your options can help you and your partner make these important decisions. There is also the old fashion way of knowing where your cycle is and when fertility is most likely to happen. Condoms and spermicides medications are also a option for those wishing something safe and easy, these methods however, are not as reliable as other forms of birth control.

The womens health is the most important consideration when deciding on birth control. With the proper research and your doctor's approval, finding the best choice for your body should not be difficult. Womens health and safety should not be taken lightly there are plenty of safe choices for everyone.
Finding a female contraception that does not cause serious side effects is important for all women. A womens health should not be put at risk because of birth control.

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