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Monday, June 26, 2017

Entrepreneur and Father of 3 Got RIPPED with Hitch Fit

In 12 weeks Ben Transformed his body inside and out sharing with us all how he achieved Happiness and Amazing 6 pack abs.  It was a honor to work with Ben.  He 100% committed to the process and the results show.  Now he understands the importance of balanced eating, hard work and proper lifestyle so he can stay FIT For Life!!  Perfect example of Hitch Fit. Proud to call you my friend .  Now go and Inspire the World Dj Shredded
Bens Stats
Week 1- 
Weight- 174 lbs
Bodyfat%- 14.25%
Week 12-
Weight- 159 lbs
Stomach- 31 1/4″
Bodyfat%- 6.06%
Ben’s Story
 HitchFit has changed my life.  Not only from a physical standpoint but through each endeavor I face moving forward now.  I started doing HitchFit because I was scared of one day not being able to have the energy to run around with my 3 kids and be as active as they needed Daddy to be.  A few years back I suffered from a string of anxiety/panic attacks that landed me in the emergency room on 3 separate occasions due to insomnia, dehydration & stress.  At that point in my life I was about 182 pounds and a one pack stomach.  A wake up call came when I went to see my doctor and he said that I had high cholesterol and that I needed more Vitamin D.  I had to cut back on fast food a lot more and also take Vitamin D3 capsules every day.

 Ben Rich’s Favorite Program- Fitness Model 


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