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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Post Pregnancy Diet and Exercise Plan

Post Pregnancy Diet and Exercise Plan
Mom of 2 Ashley Lost 30 Pounds and Got her Body Back Post Pregnancy! 
Post Pregnancy Diet and Exercise Plan
Post Pregnancy Diet and Exercise Weight Loss Plan
I have an amazing Post Pregnancy weight loss story to share today! I am so proud of Ashley, this mom of 2 from Kansas City actually signed up for the Hitch Fit Post Pregnancy plan before she had her second daughter. She wanted to know in advance that she would have the support she needed to get her health and fitness back on track! Ashley started her online plan 6 weeks post partum after she had clearance from her doctor. She wanted to take care of herself so that she had the energy to keep up with her little ones, take care of her family, and set a great healthy example for them! Mission accomplished! She shed 32 pounds and 18% body fat in 16 weeks. She had the support of her husband through this entire process. We loved Ashley’s story so much that we asked her to be on Better Kansas City on KCTV5 with us, and she also was a featured transformation in our first Hitch Fit Fashion & Fitness Celebration Runway show which was on May 31! Congratulations Ashley!!! Amazing job by an amazing mommy!
Ashley’s Stats: 
Starting weight: 176
Ending weight: 144
Starting body fat: 40%
Ending body fat: 22%
Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Plan - 32 Pound Weight Loss
Get Your Body Back Post Pregnancy! Mom of 2 Lost 32 Pounds

Post Pregnancy Before and After Weight Loss Photos
Before and After Post Pregnancy Weight Loss - 32 Pounds Lost
Lose Weight Post Pregnancy Before and After Photos - 32 Pounds Lost
Mom of 2 Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Success Story! 32 Pounds Lost!
Ashley’s Story:
“I purchased my “Get Your Body Back After Baby” Hitch Fit online program while I was 8 months pregnant with our second child.  Remembering the struggles I had with losing the weight after the birth of our first child, I wanted to have a plan in place to get back to a weight and body I knew I felt best.  For me, it was clear that to be the best wife and mom I could be, I needed to feel good about myself and make sure I was dedicating time to work on myself. This is no easy feat, especially while raising small children, but I knew in my heart being my best self was extremely important.
Taking my “before” photos 6 weeks after having our second child, was excruciating for me. Likely because reality was staring me in the face and I was seeing for the first time just how much work I had to do. However, those photos later became my markers of success. Being able to compare progression photos showed me that my body was significantly changing, even when the scale did not. I lost slow and steady, the saying “It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon” could not have been more true for me. Little by little each week the small numbers started adding up into something much greater, just as Diana said they would. And here I am today.
Hitch Fit gives you all the tools you need to be successful. The eating plans are very clear and the workout plans are precise and challenging. Beyond that, through the online program I had the chance to work with Diana and send over questions/ updates as I navigated through each week. Diana has a presence about her, even though I had never met her in person I could tell she really cared about me and my success. She always took time to answer my questions, celebrate my successes and help me make adjustments as required through the 16 week program. The morning I started the program I made a commitment to no one other than myself, that I would be successful. There wasn’t another option for me.
I want to thank all the Hitch Fit transformations that came before me and were willing to share their before and after photos. It is because of you, your stories and your photos that I felt this program was and could be successful for me. When I had the chance to be a Hitch Fit success story, my main goal was to inspire at least one person to take the leap and sign up for Hitch Fit after seeing me and my story. If you are willing to put in the hard work, you will absolutely be rewarded.
To my daughter’s Riley and Hannah, Mama loves you. Thank you for hanging out in your tee-pee and bouncy seat on countless occasions while I did my strength training or riding in the stroller while I ran. There is nothing better than teaching you the importance of strength and exercise and showing you how to do push-ups and burpees!
Most importantly, I could not have completed this program without the unwavering support of my husband Adam. The times he put me, and this journey before himself cannot be counted. He was up with me in the wee hours of the morning before our girls woke up, working out right alongside me. Encouraging me to get out of bed when I couldn’t muster the energy myself. Helping me with meal prep on Sundays to ensure I was set for the week. Celebrating in each pound and milestone I accomplished. Adam, you are my everything. Without you and your continued support, I know I would not have gotten to where I am today. Thank you for navigating life and this transformation with me. I love you and our family with all I have.
For those of you on the fence, DO IT. Sign up for Hitch Fit. You will not regret it.”
Over 30 Pounds Lost Post Pregnancy
Post Pregnancy Success Story - 32 Pounds Lost Mom of 2

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