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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

One grape variety packs the biggest anti-cancer punch

Grape Seed Extract is a Cancer Fighter - AndThis Grape is the Best

Most folks would agree that plump, juicy grapes are a delicious snack, and healthy, too.
But beyond being nutritious—some nutrients in this sweet treat are proving to be powerful disease fighters.
As you would guess from the name, grape seed extract (GSE) is a nutrient pressed from the seeds of grapes. Laboratory studies have shown that grape seeds contain antioxidants that prevent cell damage caused by free radicals. In Issue #345, I said GSE might be “the most important cancer news you’ll hear this year.”
Now there’s a new development that makes the supplement even more exciting. . .
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GSE has been shown to improve the heart and blood vessels… high blood pressure…diabetes…high cholesterol…and it’s a potent “weapon of mass destruction” against cancer cells.
For example, the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) published study findings in the January 1, 2009 issue of Clinical Cancer Research showing that GSE is powerful enough to blast away leukemia cells.
According to an AACR statement , a study revealed that after leukemia cells in lab cultures were exposed to grape seed extract, 76 percent of the cancer cells were destroyed! Better yet, healthy cells were not harmed.
Now researchers have found that components of muscadines, also known as scuppernong grapes, may provide a superior form of cancer protection to the extracts of more common grapes. If you’re going to take a grape extract, it looks like this is the one to take.
The marvelous muscadine has that
special something!
Muscadine grapes are native to the southeastern United States. Their color is often dark purple to black, and in some cases bronze.
Their sweet, distinctive taste makes many folks favor this grape for making jelly, juice and wine.
Unlike most grapes that have 19 pairs of chromosomes, muscadines actually have an extra pair of chromosomes, for a total of 20.
The genetic difference helps muscadines survive in climates that would kill most grapes of European origin.
But what it also does is give the skin and seeds of muscadine grapes MORE nutrients and antioxidants than any other grape! This bounty includes:
  • Procyanidins—a type of flavonoid with antioxidant levels 20 to 40 times higher than those found in Vitamins C and E!
  • Quercetin—a flavonoid that helps boost your immune system and support healthy bone development
  • Resveratrol—a powerful antioxidant that promotes hearth health, helps decrease inflammation and provides cancer protection
But the real secret weapon may be this…
Muscadines also happen to be the only grape with another cancer fighting nutrient called ellagic acid.
This nutrient is found in several berries and fruits, such as pomegranates, strawberries, raspberries and even walnuts.
Muscadine grapes appear to be the richest source of ellagic acid discovered so far. Recent studies have found they have more than TRIPLE the amount of ellagic acid of almost any other fruit or berry.
The September 1, 2007 issue of the Cancer Research Journal published results of a study on muscadine grape skins sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI).
The researchers used a series of human prostate cancer cells, representing different stages of prostate cancer. Their results demonstrated that muscadine skin extract (MSKE) significantly inhibited growth of prostate cancer cells in the laboratory.
MSKE was able to clobber prostate cancer cells by inducing apoptosis, or natural cell death.
An NIH statement said, “the fact that all of the cells studied, which cover the different stages of prostate cancer tumor progression, responded to MSKE suggests that the active compounds in this extract may inhibit tumor development at very early stages.”
Even more encouraging was the fact that MSKE’s destructive effects on prostate cancer cells did not alter the growth of normal human prostate cells.
But the anti-cancer benefits of MSKE aren’t limited to fighting prostate cancer.
An American Association of Cancer Research presentation highlighted additional study results on muscadine grape seed extracts (MSE) and muscadine grape skin extracts (MSKE).
They found these substances had anti-cancer effects on human lung, colon, prostate, skin, brain and breast cancers as well as leukemia, when tested in vitro (in cells cultured in a lab).
Seven days after administering MSKE and MSE they noted the following growth reductions:
  • Breast cancer cells (triple negative cells which are extremely deadly) were inhibited 92.5%.
  • Colon cancer cell growth was inhibited 80.5%
  • Lung adenocarcinoma cells were inhibited 81.8%
At the 2009 AACR Annual Meeting, researchers from Colorado State University produced evidence that nutrients in muscadine grape skin are effective at protecting blood cells and bone marrow cells from radiation treatments administered to leukemia patients.
A study conducted by researchers at the Firat University Medical School in Turkey showed the ellagic acid in muscadine grapes also helps protect normal body tissues against the damaging effects of chemotherapy drugs.
You can easily benefit from the cancer-killing nutrients of muscadine grapes. The seed extracts are sold as nutritional supplements by various distributors.
Now that the ‘secret’ is out—share it with anyone you think might want to increase their odds of remaining cancer free!
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Health Disclaimer: The information provided above is not intended as personal medical advice or instructions. You should not take any action affecting your health without consulting a qualified health professional. The authors and publishers of the information above are not doctors or health-caregivers. The authors and publishers believe the information to be accurate but its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. There is some risk associated with ANY cancer treatment, and the reader should not act on the information above unless he or she is willing to assume the full risk.

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