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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Doctor gets fired for recommending good nutrition

Who’d have Thought
You Could Get Fired for Telling
People to Eat Healthy?

We’ve often told our readers that a doctor can lose his license for recommending alternative cancer treatments, or virtually any natural treatment. I personally know of at least four cases of doctors who were arrested and tried for practicing natural medicine in the United States.
One went to jail, one saw his internationally famous clinic closed down, and two of them got off after spending a huge amount of money on legal bills. And I know a fifth doctor who was not arrested but was hauled before his medical board and had his license taken away.
Now a doctor just wrote to tell me he got fired for the same “offense.” It makes for interesting reading, especially if you STILL think “my doctor would tell me about alternative treatments if they really worked.” That might be true if your doctor is also planning to go into another line of work. Keep reading. . .
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Cancer Defeated Publications
To protect his privacy, we’ll call him “Doctor M.” He was a radiologist who performed mammograms, ultrasounds, biopsies, and other diagnostic procedures.
Breast radiologists like Dr. M interpret these body images to diagnose and treat medical conditions. You can imagine that he had many opportunities to deliver both good and bad news about what he saw.
Dr. M felt that an important part of his professional responsibility was to give sound advice on preventive strategies to help reduce his patients’ risk for breast cancer.
He found some great websites that he was eager to share with patients—and that’s what he did on a regular basis.
But his fellow practitioners didn’t agree…
Dr. M said other clinicians objected to his sharing tips on nutrition and supplements to help battle breast cancer. They often felt uncomfortable when patients asked questions based on information Dr. M shared with them.
 And then there's the fact that if people listened to his advice and tried some of the cancer-prevention strategies…
…the medical establishment might not have as many cancer victims to slash, poison and burn with their traditional treatments!
So how do you solve a problem like Dr M? You FIRE him!
Take a look at some of the ‘subversive’
information he was spreading…
By now you must be wondering, “What on earth was Dr. M telling people?”
For starters, he was telling them about iodine. This nutrient is found in abundance in the ocean. But it’s not as plentiful in the soil that grows most of the foods we eat.
Many people know that an iodine deficiency can produce thyroid problems. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends 165 mg of iodine to prevent thyroid cancer in the event of a radiation emergency.
But you might not know it can play a key role in maintaining healthy breasts too.
Breast tissue and breast milk actually have higher concentrations of iodine than your thyroid. This is because iodine is critical for the healthy development of a newborn infant’s brain.
Little wonder that several scientific studies have shown iodine helps prevent or treat breast cancer. If you’d like to see the full story on this, check out Issue #9.
In one study, scientists found iodine actually deactivates genes that promote cancer—and turns on genes that promote cancer cell apoptosis (natural cell death).
Iodine also helps regulate your cortisone levels and normalize your immune system. When cortisol levels are out of whack—you may face a higher risk of breast cancer and fibrocystic breast disease.
But the cancer industry would prefer that you not know any of this since they can’t patent iodine. And remember…
Dr. M even told patients how to find out
which foods Influence breast cancer risk
—for better or worse
This rogue radiologist even went as far as sharing a website that, by its own admission, contains:
“…information on how various foods and other factors affect breast cancer risk, prevention and prognosis. The findings are drawn exclusively from scientific studies and updated as new research becomes available.”
The site is called Food for Breast Cancer ( Its goal is to provide information that helps breast cancer patients, those at risk of breast cancer, and survivors prevent and reverse this terrifying disease.
This site even provides articles on what to eat based on a specific type of breast cancer you may be battling. I guess Doctor M’s colleagues were shocked that he’d steer patients to articles like these listed on the site:
What should breast cancer patients and survivors eat during tamoxifen treatment?
What should triple negative breast cancer patients and survivors eat?
Does Type 2 diabetes increase the risk of breast cancer?
Red wine: Should breast cancer patients and those at high risk drink it?
By searching this site, I found out which oils and condiments made the list of recommended foods.
I even learned why avocados and papayas made the list of foods to avoid.
But I think the most shocking thing I saw were the links to dozens of scientific studies to support these food recommendations! My, that Dr. M. had a nerve!
Dr. M’s colleagues thought he was out of line to share this information with people who were seeking solutions for a possible cancer diagnosis.
But Dr. M didn’t stop there. He also told patients about…
The organization that wants people to
Dr. M found a ton of helpful information made available by the Life Extension Foundation (LEF) ( This nonprofit, tax-exempt organization says its goal is to conquer the aging process within the next decade.
That sounds ambitious, but LEF appears to be well on the way, offering a vast collection of information on nutrition, vitamins and supplements to address many of the diseases that wreck people’s health. I buy quite of few of their products myself and I’m a fan of their excellent magazine.
Their website includes discussions on the pros and cons of traditional cancer therapies as well as complementary alternative cancer therapies.
In their discussion on “Cancer Adjuvant Therapy,” LEF cites a survey from The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center stating that of the 99.3% of patients who’d heard of complementary medicine, about 75% (i.e. nearly all of them) wanted more information about these options.
And about one-half of those participating in the survey wanted the information to come from their own physician!
We can only hope that Dr. M’s former colleagues bend to the will of the people and begin to provide this helpful advice. Had they done so sooner—they would still have the talented and idealistic Dr. M to help them out!

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