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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Tactical Muscle Course Lesson One: Train Like You Fight


In this learn-by-doing course, I'm going to help you prepare your mind and muscle for the unexpected.

Use these teachings to reduce injury and re-build your body.

I've also included lifetime access to my "Vault" of exercise video demonstrations, Interrogation Interviews, and much more.

If you enjoy all of this, I have a more in-depth 12-week learn-by-doing course to help you boost power, gain strength, and achieve athletic levels of bodyfat. I'll share more details in Lesson 6.

If you need assistance or want to work directly with me, feel free to contact our support team by emailing  Please allow up to 24 hours for personal replies to customer service emails.

Train hard and stay safe,


Joseph Arangio, MS, CSCS
Tactical Strength and Conditioning Coach
Author, Tactical Bodyweight Workouts

Lesson one: Train Like You Fight


Your life, and the lives of others, depends on how well you've prepared for the unexpected.

You can't train one way and compete another.

Doing your squats and deadlifts in the gym is great for general fitness. But if you're a tactical operator, be sure to put your gear on. When you are kitted up for an operation, your gear could weigh 40 to 70 pounds. And sometimes much more.

That's why it makes sense to train like you fight and wear your kit during some workouts.

What's the likelihood of you having to grab a downed victim, or a fellow tactical operator? In a real-world situation, you'll need the power, strength, and endurance to move yourself plus the injured.

A smart tactical operator also sets his kit up in a way to minimize operational friction. In other words, anything that slows you down in the battlespace. If you position your rifle magazines in a spot that forces you to take your eyes off of the target, the results could be fatal.

So build your kit to your mission. Your gear should fit your body, reduce friction under stress, and allow you to access the tools you need. Equipment setup and load stabilization is critical for tactical athletic success. Learn more......

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