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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Big 10 On US Sports Net Presented by The National Council on Strength and Fitness

 A look at the top moments from the latest edition of B1G Today.

Who will get their first loss of the season: Maryland or Iowa? Talking with Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week, Iowa's Jack Campbell Pat Forde on what's next for Wisconsin, why the Big Ten is the best conference top-to-bottom, and more

by NCSF 

Exercise selection should occur with specific training goals in mind. Exercises can be classified according to their “chains” and “circuits”. Here we will provide an introduction to chains and circuits, their applications, and when to use them.

Closed Chain

Closed chain exercises involve movement around a distally fixed position, integrating ground reaction force, and internal energy management. Most exercises performed standing up are closed chain because the athlete is moving around the distally fixed ground. A pull-up is also closed chain, as the body moves around the distally-fixed pull-up bar.

Open Chain

Open chain exercises have the load move around a distally-fixed body position that is stabilized by a machine or bench. This reduces the stability demands, generally making open chain exercise variations easier. Common examples of open chain exercises are the lat pull-down, bench press or leg extension.

Closed Circuit

Closed circuit exercises use both limbs dependently with the joints functioning in cooperation. Barbell bench press, military press, and bent over row are all closed circuit exercises. Back squat, front squat, deadlift, and leg press are all closed circuit as well.

Open Circuit

Open circuit exercises use a single limb or unilateral load and require increased localized and central stability relative to the weight. Dumbbell presses or rows are common examples of open circuit exercises as are lunges. Open circuits promote localized stability and increased range of motion.

Exercises can be classified by their specific chain and circuit. For example, a barbell bench press is Open Chain-Closed Circuit; a back squat is Closed Chain-Closed Circuit; a single leg extension Open Chain-Open Circuit. Keep reading..........

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