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Friday, June 25, 2021

Real Nutrition With A Real Purpose! The StrengthCast Power Show

We're going to discuss the way most of us currently measure food as a fuel source: the calorie.
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A calorie-focused approach to nutrition has many limitations, but it still has important uses in certain situations. So, let's try to provide a little clarity, and try to help you make the most of the information that's on a food label. | Essential Ideas From The Video | • The calorie is not a universally accepted system of measurement. But every point made about it in this video can also be applied to other measurements like joules, kilojoules, or kilocalories. • The biggest advantages to calories are that they give you an objective way to measure very different meals, and to make more informed decisions about portion sizes. This can be helpful because portion size has increased immensely in restaurants and homes in recent decades. • Calories can also help you see how small indulgences, like a daily soda pop can add up over time. One soda a day is enough extra calories to add 15 pounds of weight in a year! • Beer, wine, cocktails, and coffee drinks may not have food labels, but they're definitely not calorically "free." • A major downside to calorie counting is that it's never totally accurate, even if you take the number on the label as gospel. •Packaged foods have been shown in research to have a lot of variability in caloric accuracy. It's normal for them to underreport both carbs and total calories by 25, or even up to 95, percent. Learn more.............

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