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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Concealed Carry Featuring: The Budget Shooter – Where to Spend In Your Defensive Firearm Journey



Money is not unlimited for most of us. If you follow the defensive firearm industry at all (or any other segment of the firearm world) you know that it feels expensive. From every corner, you hear people telling you to “get more training” and “buy the latest gadget that will save your life.”

I'm guilty of it myself both as a trainer and as a marketer. Even in this very article, I'm going to be a little tongue in cheek as I give you the bare-bones economic way to do things while strongly suggesting you spend more money…

On occasion, I field a question from a friend, student, or customer to the effect of:

I'm on a limited budget. What are the most critical things I should spend my money on?

Today I'm going to attempt to answer that question in a very specific way while providing some big-time money-saving tips as we go.

firearm eye pro

The Basics – I Just Have To Assume You Will Buy These

Below I'm going to lay out a year-by-year budget but before we get to that there are some core basics that I think you just need to have.

A Firearm: I generally encourage people to NOT buy their first personal protection firearm until after they take their first class so bear that in mind but ultimately you need a gun and you don't need my fancy budget plan below to know it. To get something that I would consider quality and viable for the purchase I think you need to be prepared to spend between $400 and $600.

Secure Storage for the Firearm: Do not bring the gun into.....keep reading....... 

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